Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We Sniff You a Merry Christmas

Seventy-five percent of our family is sick right now. It's not serious...just sinus drainage. Lots of snot, scratchy voices, sore throats (not too sore--they've been eating fine), and resting.

PRAYING that everyone feels up to par by Christmas day so they can properly enjoy themselves and get way too excited. I would LOVE to see my little girls bouncing off the wall right now instead of laying around.

So we are resting, and medicating, and drinking lots of fluids, and praying for everyone to feel better and that none of this will turn into an infection.

Other than that--we're doing fine! The presents are almost finished (just some freezer paper stenciling to go). The house is in bad need of being picked up before tomorrow night. The groceries are purchased.

And most importantly, I'm finished running around.

I hope all of you have a great Christmas with your families! I'll see you sometime after!


  1. freezer paper stenciling???

    oh and sorry you are all filling under the weather!

  2. My question exactly, Carrie! :) Brenda, do tell about freezer paper stenciling!

    Get well soon to you all. The sniffles are not very welcome at Christmas, although I would imagine if your kids are anything like mine, they won't let that get in the way of the much anticipated day!

    Merry Christmas, Brenda!

  3. Merry Christmas! I hope you are all feeling better!!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)