Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow in Texas

The word "miracle" has been thrown around a lot this week! Wednesday night brought inches...INCHES of snow right here in southern Texas.
It snowed 4 years ago too--on Christmas day even! Here is Sweetheart and Little Bit 4 years ago. But this time was even better.
It snowed when I was 2. I know because I've seen the pictures of it. Then it snowed when I was in 4th grade. We had a sub that day and she wouldn't let us go outside. Every single class in the school was outside our window playing and we stood at the windows shamelessly crying. One of us even snuck out and got Mr. Luker from down the hall to rescue us. He tried to tell the sub it was OK if we went out but she wasn't hearing any of it. It wasn't on the schedule. When school was out the snow was mostly gone. But I'm not bitter.

My girls, however, got to play both at night....
and the next day--three times the next day to be exact. It was wondrous.

And also, we learned that we don't have the proper clothes for snow down here.

Thank you Lord for this special gift!


  1. I know I for one am very, very blessed by this!

  2. How fun!! I love snow. We have months and months of it here in Michigan. By January we are all complaining that we still have 2 months to go to deal with snow. Your post makes me think twice about complaining. because it really is fun and beautiful. My kids LOVE playing in the snow!!!

  3. Great photos! Playing in the snow while it's dark seems extra cool!!

  4. My kids never see snow here in California, but your pictures remind me of our trip to Ohio earlier this year, where they got to experience snow storm after snow storm during late winter ((Luanne can attest that the midwest was hit hard and long last winter)).

    Anyway, my kids bypassed mean-ol'-momma and ran outside without any of the gear one needs to play in snow--I mean, they would've worn their flip-flops had I brought them! And, as much as I love those little boogers, it was so funny to watch their reactions to the cold yet beautiful stuff. They were back in seconds asking why snow was so cold ((home-schooled)) and more-than-willingly letting me bundle them like snow-mummies.

    But, they sure do wish we could go back again this winter...

  5. Like Laura Lee, I can the chances of snow here (FL) are virtually nil. It is really neat that your girls got to play in the snow. And that you were able to capture those memories. Looks like they are having a ball!

  6. Glad your children got to experience the snow! We get way too much of it here in South Dakota! BTW, I have lived in Texas several times, and am a graduate of Abilene Christian University!


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