Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Various Thoughts From My Head

There isn't enough going on upstairs to warrant an entire blog post, so I'll just bore you in small segments instead. OK?

Lower Than National Geographic

The girls were making dioramas this week and Sweetheart borrowed several National Geographic magazines from my parents to supplement her Egyptian scenery. My parents have subscribed to National Geographic for as long as I can remember and there is an entire shelf of the magazines in their built-ins in the living room. When it came time to work on the diorama, we were not sure if Grandma and Grandpa had intended for us to cut them up or not. I thought we'd better call and ask.

Me: Mom? Can we cut up these National Geographics?
Mom: Um........................yeah.......................that would probably be fine.
Me: Are you sure? We would only need to cut up the articles on Egypt.
Mom: Yeah, well..............I was going to look at them, but it's OK, go ahead and use them.

Now here is where I should tell you that when she spoke those words, my eyes drifted to the date on the cover of the magazine. Are you ready?


I'm thinking if you haven't made time to look at these magazines in the last 13's probably really far down your list of things to do.

Grocery Shopping

Which is, apparently, where grocery shopping falls on my list of things to do seeing as how I haven't managed to get to the store for an entire, planned trip in 2 weeks.

So, raise your hand if you would like to know what my 5 year old ate for supper last night. OK, OK, I'll tell you. A cinnamon roll and a bowl of green peas.

She had pancakes at 3:30 in the afternoon at Grandpa's so she wasn't that hungry at suppertime. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Tonight's gourmet meal of Hamburger Helper should really bowl my family over!

See? Lower the expectations for a while and then HIT 'EM with your best stuff and they'll be more than impressed. Just a little psychology lesson for free there.

Homemaking Awards

In spite of my previous mention of Hamburger Helper, I am still working on cooking from scratch more and eating healthier. Let's see...I made biscuits this week instead of using canned ones! That's about it. Hey, some things have to slide during the holidays so we can get everything done. I may not be doing great on the food, but I have mostly been keeping up with the laundry. Everyone has had appropriate clean clothing to wear every day. Well, except today when Sweetheart couldn't find any socks to wear. Did I mention that it was sleeting today? That almost NEVER happens here in south Texas and that's the one day my child had no socks to wear.

I hope I'm not too late to be nominated for that homemaking award. Just e-mail me and let me know when I win.

The Party Dress

Speaking of clothes, S and I are going to his work Christmas party on Saturday and I have been searching feverishly for a dress all week (NOT in my laundry pile...from an actual store). I really wanted to wear a dress or skirt even though pants are mostly what you can find at the stores these days. Not that they wouldn't look nice, but I know my husband prefers me in a skirt and I also wanted to wear one. So, I kept searching and was finally successful. I hope it looks as good at home as I thought it did in the dressing room. I was disappointed by the size I bought (wouldn't you think that 8 1/2 inches would make more difference?) but when I finally got a size that fit--it looked and felt so much better. I'll post pictures if we get any I like! :)

Fitness Friday

And speaking of 8 1/2 inches...I have NO IDEAS for a FF topic this week. None. I'm out. I think I've done pretty good coming up with topics so far and I've prayed about this one like I usually do, but the only thing I've come up with was "What Encourages You?" (you know, Bible verses, quotes, pictures, etc). I'm kind of not really excited about I need your suggestions. Any I don't use will be filed away to use later, so bring 'em on!


  1. I was wondering if you found a dress! And I was also wondering if you were going to offer up a FF assignment.

    Have you asked us yet if we have found a way to modify our favorite fatty recipes in a way that's healthy yet still tastes good? I remember putting up a few recipes one week but I don't remember what the topic was that week. Besides, I'm running out of healthy yet tasty alternatives and would loove to pick up a few new recipes ideas.

    Another topic: how have we incorporated our weight loss journey with our spiritual life? I know for me, one of the reasons I have failed at getting and staying in shape is because I often try to do it in my own strength, even when I claim that I'm leaning on HIM.

  2. Topics are necessary for FF, but I see Terry has some good ideas!!

  3. You are too funny :-) No help with suggestions, but I wanted to let you know you made me chuckle!

  4. I hereby nominate you for a housecleaning award! Anyone who has kids is a candidate...
    As my husband likes to quote "where there is no oxen, the stall is clean". He makes his point... this is usually when I am bemoaning my mountains of laundry.
    So, Brenda, I think you deserve an award. God is pleased with you, this I know!
    As far as this week's topic, I could stand to think about what is, or rather should be, encouraging me to tackle this loosing weight thing head on. So, for me that works. And, just for fun, does anyone have any ideas for veggie that kids actually like? I'm even up for the "hidden" kind...
    Wow, I can't believe that it was sleeting there and that it was like 50 in town today. Everyone is talking about it, because Klamath Falls is usually in the middle of winter by now... lots of snow on the ground and ice on the roads, frozen pipes, all those fun things. Did you know that Klamath Falls was acutally right up there in the running to host the winter olympics in the 80's? No joke. We usually get winter here.
    Enough said. I'm tired, waiting for the fire to really get to warming up the house, and I think I hear that sneeky pika in my bedroom- and my cat is comfortably sleeping out here in the living room. In case you don't know what a pika is, check it out on the internet- I don't want one in my bedroom. That's a story for my blog??

  5. Hamburger Helper never killed anyone.

    And hey, at least Little Bit ate peas!

    So, FF ideas...I got nothin'. But I'm liking Terry's suggestions. I'd go with either of those ideas.

    And I will also be waiting with limited patience for pictures of "The Dress".

    Not that you need the pressure or anything. :0)

  6. :) I enjoyed reading what was floating around in your head. Perhaps I 'll include floating thoughts as a parent super power next week. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for commenting!

  7. So, what is it about National Geographic and parents anyway? I remember them being extra special when I was growing up, too. Although I don't remember seeing my parents actually reading one. I am sure you were very safe to cut up that 1995 one. :)

    Yes, like JulieMom and all the rest, I am waiting for a picture of your Christmas party ensemble. :)

    As for FF, I don't know. Maybe one will be how each of us will extend grace to ourselves during the Christmas season (and maybe how we are going to counteract our choices.) That was mentioned quite a bit last week, and although we all know moderation, etc. etc., I am POSITIVE there are somethings I am just so looking forward to in the next few weeks. Like fudge. :) Oh, and maybe another one could be how we are taking care of ourselves besides physically, like Terry said. What are we doing in our relationship with God to help us continue on this journey? Maybe site scripture that helps us? Also, what do we do to elevate stress (a huge reason I can overeat.) Are their hobbies or other things we go to when we want a break that also helps us stay away from the refrigerator?

    Alright, I have written you a letter. :)

  8. I could have written that post. My poor family is starving also.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)