Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Keepin' It Real Is Alive and Kicking!!!

Hey, I've missed Keepin' It Real! And seeing as how the current state of my classroom is....very nearly indescribable with mere words...I've decided to have a KIR tomorrow night! Want to join in?

If you posted back in July during our "Homeschool Organization KIR Event" then please consider joining us tomorrow night for the update. I posted pictures of my beautiful, clean, shiny, wondrous classroom at the end of July and you sweet people left glowing comments for me. And I smiled.

But now I'm hanging my head in shame.

Deep shame.

And I want to show it to you! (Tee hee!)

So if would like to share your mid-year classroom pics with us, the Mr. Linky will be up tomorrow! If you didn't participate in our first classroom KIR, but you have shameful pictures to share--we don't discriminate. Everyone's mess is welcome in a KIR event! The more the merrier.

Here's a sneak peek of one of the items in our homeschool space right now:

It's pretty bad when the balloons are sad to be there.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Nothing like a little short notice, Brenda!

    I would totally join in, but I'm pretty sure that my mess is expected, thus boring. Oh well. I can't wait to see everyone else's!!!

  2. Oh please! Your mess is BRAND NEW! We'd love to see it. There really is nothing like a mid-year, just moved in mess.

    Come on. It won't take that long!

  3. I would except remember, camera missing! Still missing! I am freaking out!

  4. OK--do I need to delay this event? Carrie, the camera is probably IN the classroom!!!

  5. Delay, and I LOOKED! EVerywhere!

    I am deathly afraid that it got 'thrown away" with some type of Christmas trash or something? I have NO other explanation!

  6. Hey, just a thought that Carrie, if I can call you that since I don't know you, maybe you can check your purse.

    Mine is always full of nice surprises.

    Just clairfying- is the event on or off for tomorrow?? I'm ready. But you will be disappointed. We're still neat.

  7. We're on. I'll leave the Mr. Linky up and people can add later if they want. I don't care if there's only 2 of us! :) I have to share these pics.

  8. You are funny!!! I'll take a picture...and maybe even get my blog back up and running...is that a good New Year's goal?? See ya manana!

  9. i wanna share too ;^) , but will take a day or two just cuz I wing photos with my phone, then figure out how to get it to my e-mail to get to my computer to get to my blog...uh yeah need a 'real' camera ;^)

  10. Yes Jennifer! Post on your blog and then sign up on Mr. Linky!

    Sheri, if you can figure out how to do all that you are a better woman than me! :)

  11. Brenda, I accidently "rejected" your post and then couldn't publish it, but thanks for dropping by my blog, I'm still here, just not blogging lately. My computer it acting up and I've been too busy to fool with it. I'll be back. Be Blessed

  12. thanks Juliemom!

    I did look in my purse like four times just to make sure it didnt magically appear in the purse after I had checked!


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