Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Own Daybook

You know those daybook entries that some bloggers do? Those are neat, but I decided to do my own. Just a little update.

My Christmas House

On my kitchen table...are 2 gift bags with presents inside that need tissue paper, wrapping supplies, Christmas fabric, candles.

My pretty and actually has a few presents under it now.

The living room... is indescribable. Here's a picture of right now:

How is it possible that is was neat and picked up at 5:00 yesterday?

The wet and still in the middle of a wash cycle from yesterday. (You know I have to stop my washer 4 times MINIMUM for each load. It never got restarted last night.)

The children...are happy and playing. I haven't hit 'em with school yet. YES we are doing school today since it slipped by us yesterday. It's just Gingerbread Man stuff and Bible so it's not like I'm expecting a lot!

I am...concerned about my ingrown toenail. Hoping it doesn't get infected before our health insurance kicks in!

I am excited about...possibly going on a vacation with the girls after Christmas. It will just be for a weekend, but they have never stayed at a hotel and it will be fun!
OK Karly...beat that!


  1. You're on! Give me a minute....

  2. Oh, hon! That's a CLEAN living room! You wanna see messy living room, you have to throw in three more small kids, two or three teenagers, and a husband who is currently not working!

  3. here is a little tip I read in one of those old fashioned remedies. It calls for wool yarn but I couldn't think of where to find any in Texas so my husband used cotton yarn. I figured it was a natural fiber so it was better than acrylic.

    What you do is slide a piece under the nail (kind-of like you are flossing), trim the ends short and leave it there. The yarn raises the nail up enough so that it can grow away from the skin. (You might have to trim the nail a bit to get the yarn under if it has grown in to the skin very much.)

    My husband thought it sounded silly but harmless and then was amazed it worked so well. And even if you have to go buy yarn, it is so much cheaper than a doctor bill.

  4. Thanks Christi--I already used a little bit of cotton (from a Q-Tip). My mom had an ingrown fingernail of all things and the doctor told her to do that and it worked. I won't go into anymore details. Its so nasty. :) (I've had one before that I had surgery on)

  5. you have to stop your washer?? that sounds counter productive...what's up with that?

    You living room looks immaculate compared to mine!

    Love the fitnes friday idea this week!! Thanks!

  6. Oh Luanne, counterproductive is SUCH an understatement!!!!

    It doesn't drain well and if we don't stop it during the draining it spits all over the floor. Gallons and gallons. So we have to run and stop it.

    But once is not enough. Oh no. Sometimes you have to do that 3 times and wait many many minutes in between.

    And there are 2 drain times in a load.

    But, its a really good excuse for why I'm never caught up on laundry.

  7. hey at least you have a good excuse! my excuse right now is I was out of detergent...but I live 5 min from a Krogers, Walgreens, Food town, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, CVS!!!!! Oh and I have been in 3 of those stores at least twice in the past two days! So I have NO EXCUSE!

    I love your update! I might do it soon!

  8. Not sure if mine went through or not but I think your place just looks "lived in" and that is perfect!

  9. Thanks for sharing your "lived in" picture...priceless! My every day looks similar, although clean at night, and in the morning...those afternoons are definately "lived in"!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)