Monday, December 29, 2008

Fitness Friday Assignment: Add & Subtract

I'm going out on a limb here...I'm using my new web cam!!! I should have put a little lip color on now that I see the video, but hey, I put make-up on for you. On the holidays. On a Monday morning.

You should feel very honored.

Also, please ignore the dirty kitchen in the background. Thank you.

Now, here's your assignment:

See you on Friday!


  1. OK--in real life I don't think my lisp is this bad. I just need to point that out.

    Also, Carrie--you know me in real life--does my mouth look like this??? I look like a duck on this video.

  2. Ready to get back on track here too. Your video post is great!!

  3. So that's what you sound like! Very cool! Love to have all of you in my mind now! :)

    I know EXACTLY how I will go about this Friday's post.

    Oh, and I didn't notice a lisp. And you don't look like a duck. :)

  4. wow, love your new web cam. I am truly ready for Fitness Friday. Tami was over during the holiday and we had a really hard time getting a picture of me that I didn't make her delete. At this moment I feel so health-wise powerful. see you Friday.

  5.'s so much fun to see you in action!! You're too cute! Now, make a video where you show off all your witty snarkiness.

    By the way, I'm totally going to join in. Right after this snickers bar.

  6. No your mouth does not really look like that and yes any lisp was majory magnigied by said web cam! But I will say that I think most people have a ___telephone, or first time you meet someone, or video VOICE so that must be yours!

    you know what I mean IT is like a honeymoon, later when youve gotten to really know a person the realy "voice" comes out!

    Okay, I love the fitness friday assignment, I too am totally ready for it! I am assuming that we are supposed to add/ subtract this week and than post what we did, not wait until Friday to post what we will do???

    I am ready and willing to add/subtract!

  7. magnigied---that was totally supposed to be magnified!


  8. Rachel, I have no idea what you are talking about. Me? Snarky?

    Carrie--I agree. I actually didn't hate my voice on this which I'm surprised about. I think part of the problem is the web cam moves slower than your movement. So my mouth looks like it's moving funny.

    And yes..I think we should add and subtract this week but next is fine too? I don't know. It's so confusing.

  9. lisp? what lisp? I think you did great on the web cam! Can I join FF too? ;^) too much fudge for me, sheesh!

  10. Oh please do join us Sheri! The more the merrier!!! :)

  11. This was so fun! To see and hear you! I've gotta get me one of those thingamajiggers.

  12. Fun new christmas gift!! I love the assignment!!

  13. Sorry, but the snow in the background has been wreaking havoc with my internet provider, so I can neither see the video, or leave comments.

    (This is the first one in forever because of the snow!)

    I'm not a snow-hater, but I DO need someone to explain what it's about because I CAN'T VIEW IT.

    Thank you. I don't want to be left out. *pouts*

  14. Thanks for letting me know! Good news..the forecast is clear today and that pesky snow has cleared up! (It is going to be 70 degrees here today.)

  15. Okay Brenda, now you can just come out and admit you have a lisp because we all heard it! This could be very therapeutic for you!

    Just teasing. However, your nerdiness is coming through! ;) Seriously I am so proud of you for figuring out your webcam so quickly. I have a webcam and I despise it. It never works properly and I never use it!

  16. OK Kathy, #1 I know I have a lisp b/c they told my mom I did back in Kindergarten. It gets worse when I'm tired.
    2. There is SO much more nerdy to come. S said I talked to everyone like they were 1st graders. :)

    I'll try for "more casual" the next time! :)

  17. Brenda! This is so neat to SEE you and HEAR you!! (NO lisp...NO duck mouth...but if you want, we can call you "Ducky" like in Pretty in Pink. :) ha-ha!) Anyway, I want to play! Do we tell you what we're adding and subtracting...or just do it?! (like a Nike commercial)

  18. Thank you for the snow removal!! It was extremely cute, but, pesky.

    Anyway- I agree with everyone else: you are too darn cute! And are we supposed to post a video entry, or it doesn't matter?

    Either way, neat topic and I'll be there!! :0)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)