Tuesday, May 29, 2007

There is a Black and White

I grew up in church. Attended my first Sunday service when I was probably around 2 weeks old. My husband grew up at the same church. We go there today. (I know, we are pretty boring people.) Both of our daughters began attending church within their first month of life. We rarely miss.
But that doesn't mean we are going to heaven. Lots of people attend church. We also are regularly nice to people. We use our best manners in public. I have helped many lost children find their mothers in stores. That doesn't mean I am going to heaven. Lots of people are nice.
I was amazed this evening to read the comments from this post. I am amazed by how many different, but very wrong, perceptions people have about God. And about their salvation. I was amazed, but saddened too.
Folks, there is a right and wrong. There is a heaven and a hell. There is black and white. We are going to heaven because we have accepted the awesome gift that is God's grace. Only because of the sacrifice of His Son are we able to have hope.

Maybe instead of whispering that message, my life needs to start shouting it. Apparently a lot of people still need to know.

The lies are rampant folks....absolutely rampant.

What you feel doesn't matter.
How nice you are doesn't matter.
Yes, your children would be better off with faith.

I forget there are many types of unbelievers: those who think they don't need God, those who don't think there is a God, those who think people can choose the type of god they want, and those who think I am an unenlightened southerner who blindly follows what I've been taught my whole life.

The harvest is indeed plentiful.

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