Saturday, May 5, 2007

So Much To Do Part 1

When I get interested in something, I tend to really get into it. Maybe a little too much. In 1995 my husband and I went to go see the movie Apollo 13. It was a good movie. And we were completely amazed. All this had happened in 1970 just weeks before my husband was born? Why had we never heard of this before? We went straight to both sets of parents and asked them if they remembered these events. My dad did. My mother-in-law vaguely did, but remember she was 9 months pregnant with her third child. You aren't watching much news at that point.
Anyway, it got me interested. Why, I didn't even know anything about the early space program! I clearly remember going outside during P.E. in 2nd grade and our coach pointing out the space shuttle as it went overhead. It really didn't seem like that big of deal to me. My dad would wake me up early every time a shuttle launched when I was growing up. I couldn't appreciate the wonder of it since men had been going into space my whole life. But now I wanted to find out more.
We didn't have kids yet and it was the summer. Since I was a teacher, I had nothing to do but read and research. I devoured every book I found at the library, searched online for information and pictures. I even went to the stacks at our library and looked up the old Life magazine issues with pics of the astronauts and their families. I drug my husband to Space Center Houston. I really got into it.
The next time I got so "obsessed" with something, it would affect more people...

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