Monday, May 21, 2007

My Children Are Already Smart

What else do I possibly need to teach them?

Me: We have some errands to run this afternoon after we pick up your sister.

Three Year Old: Where is the errand store?

Man! I wish there was an errand store!!! Wouldn't that cut down on all the running around we have to do? Good idea, honey!

Seven Year Old: When did you get your first watch?

Me: (telling story about first watch) I don't remember if it had a second hand or not.

Seven Year Old: Did it have a third hand?

Hey! You know what? There are 3 hands on a watch. Hello?

And three year old likes our new car better than our old van because the windows roll down by her seat and she "can see all that God made, Mommy."

I told you my girls were smart.

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