Sunday, May 6, 2007

So Much To Do Part 2

OK, so we've established that when I get interested in something, I tend to really get into it. We came back to the church where we grew up in the summer of 2004. Our children's minister was on the way out the door and I saw a need for some work to be done in our children's Bible classes. So, I asked him if I could work with the younger children and I dove in. Well, pretty soon I was not only decorating and rearranging classrooms, I was writing curriculum and gathering materials for teachers, shopping for needed stuff, teaching on both Sundays and Wednesday evenings, organizing parent meetings, helping launch children's church, painting a puppet stage, supervising VBS, the list goes on. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Why? Why would I get so busy? Well, I was good at it. After 11 years of teaching school, surely I was qualified to make these types of decisions and had a good background in education. It needed to be done. It was for my daughters' good. I've talked about this before. I really thought that I was doing the "Lord's work." How could serving in your church NOT be good? I have been taught to use my talents for God. Right?

But oh, how it grieves my heart to think of all the hours I spent with my back to my husband and children while I typed away on Bible lessons and VBS schedules. I see other women doing this same thing nearly every day. Oh, it might be scouts, or their bunco group, or the ladies' ministry, or any number of things that take their time and attention away from their family. BECAUSE THEY ENJOY IT AND WE HAVE A RIGHT TO DO SOMETHING THAT FULLFILLS US, RIGHT? Are you going to argue with me on this? Ladies, it's a lie of Satan. He wins if we turn our backs on our families, no matter how "good" the deeds are that we are doing.

Now I'm not saying that we can only concentrate on those activities which take place behind the doors of our homes. Certainly not. Just look at the Proverbs 31 woman. This ficticious lady is held in high regard as an example of a godly woman. I read somewhere that this section of scripture would have been read in Jewish homes often as a poem. Their girls grew up with this picture of a godly woman in their minds. And she was certainly a busy lady. Even outside the home. But every activity she is involved in revolves around her home and family. When you begin to get interested in something and think "I would like to do this" spend some time in prayer. Ask God if this activity is going to take too much time away from your family. Ask your husband what he prefers you to do. Because our place in the home and family is a very valuable one. And not just "right now" valuable, but eternally valuable.

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