Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Land of the Lost

Man! What were those little green guys' names? If I were extra-motivated, I would look it up. But this post is not about THAT Land of the Lost. This post is about my house.
Husband bought Sweetheart a Gameboy last summer. She really needed it because ALL the children at her daycare had one and we were clearly letting her grow up scarred and unpopular because she didn't. No, all kidding aside, he just wanted to buy her one (and she had been asking.) Well we haven't seen that little pink wonder for many months around here. I've wondered about it's wherabouts a few times, but being unmotivated as I am, have done little about it. Apparently it's even too much trouble for me to say, "Hey, where is your Gameboy?" However, now that daycare has started back up, she is in a finding frenzy.
So tonight we started looking. The search began at Grandma and Grandpa's house. That's the last place she remembers playing it with her cousin. Grandpa patiently took the couch apart and flipped over furniture. The girls ran around the entire house with a flashlight. No luck.
So, we came back home. I suggested they look in the coat closet. During the winter, since neither one of them can actually reach a hanger, they just sort of fling their jackets into the closet while shutting the door as quickly as possible before anything tries to escape. Needless to say, the bottom of the closet is...well, missing.
Upon digging, we uncovered the entire dollhouse family that has been missing, one ceramic tea cup that has been lost from Little Bit's tea set, 2 plastic dishes, Mrs. Claus from our Fisher Price Christmas set (along with the sleigh and 1 reindeer--who knew she would just ditch Kris like that? It's shocking, really.) and 1 book.
We did not find the missing library book that I just had to pay for. We did not find the Gameboy. Hmmm.
I decided to look just one more place before the girls went to bed. There are 2 laundry baskets of baby doll stuff that have been sitting in our bedroom floor for a few weeks. I need to go through them and toss a bunch of stuff when the girls are not looking. I started looking in those and uncovered.................Grandma and Grandpa's mail that I picked up for them when they were out of town 2 weeks ago!!! Oops. Luckily, only one bill will be just a teensy bit late because of their youngest daughter.
So, a few things we had been looking for, a few things we did not even know were lost, but still not those items we actually were hoping to find.
I'm thinking those Sleestaks must be to blame! (It was driving me crazy--I looked it up, OK?)

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