Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thanks for the Break!

Aaaahhh. I feel so relaxed. Our family went camping with our homeschool group earlier this week. S took off work and everything! That was his first vacation in a really long time. Karly was nice enough to host FF for me (on the day Mr. Linky spazzed completely out--sorry Karly!). I will get around to reading your posts from FF (and last weeks'--never finished those b/c of getting ready for the camping trip). Anyway, it was really nice having a break. Thanks for understanding.

Now we have the weekend to take care of several things. First off, we got "new" drapes. My parents are getting rid of theirs and I would have scoffed at them being old and out of date most days of my life, but we really need drapes (not curtains) over our sliding glass door. They were free. I love them. I really hope they will help keep the house cooler and we've got to hang those up.

Secondly, we have to get a new washing machine this weekend. The other one finally gave up the ghost. My iron broke also. And the fan in the girls' room. I have been assured that these things happen in threes so we are in the clear. I certainly hope so. Thankfully, my mom let me use her washer to take care of our camping clothes because some things just can't wait.

The girls are playing museum with their doll houses. Little Bit's dollhouse family is going to the museum today, which is located in Sweetheart's dollhouse. They have dinosaurs set up all over the dollhouse and a gift shop as well. Oh yeah--my digital camera bit the dust too so there goes that "threes" theory.

The girls' room re-do has come to a screeching halt until summer. But, I have 2 things to share soon. I found a great way to keep their crap out of the living room and I have a new plan for summer chores. I'll be sharing soon. Maybe I can borrow a camera? Carrie, don't you have 2? :)

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to hang up my flag.


  1. Your girls sound so creative--just like their mom. :-)

  2. So glad you were camping and not at a chocolate convention. :0) Those all sound like good projects, and the new washer is an awesome addition!!

  3. Oh I want to hear how you plan on keeping kids crap out of the living room. Please share! Ours drives me insane.


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