Friday, May 1, 2009

Fitness Friday: The Picture This Edition

Your honor, the State would like to present it's evidence now.

Go ahead.

Thank you your Honor. This woman (gesturing toward the accused) claims to host a "Fitness" event online every week, but we have evidence that she is not qualified to do so.

If it would please the court, I would like to enter into evidence this photograph:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, please direct your attention to the photograph on the screen. The defendant blathers on endlessly about....


Sustained. Counselor, please re-phrase your statement.

Your Honor, the defendant talks about purchasing an exercise DVD and working out right here on this spot in her living room. As you can see, there is ample room for such activity, but closer examination proves that the carpet is not worn at all. We move that no such activity has occurred here.

And now I would like to enter into evidence this photograph.
On the left, you will find the drink of choice that the defendant USED to consume on a daily basis. However, just when her "fitness" activity online has resumed, we have evidence that she actually spends far more time drinking the beverage on the right. Clearly, this is an unhealthy choice for someone who claims to host a fitness event.

Your Honor, I have just one more piece of evidence to present before I step down. The following are photographs of the defendant's pantry. Please take note of the disorganization, the unhealthy food choices, the lack of any ingredients to form a meal with. The State moves that this woman (again with the gestures) doesn't even complete a weekly meal plan on a regular basis. How can she expect to lose weight with such poor planning?


I have nothing further, Your Honor.
Someone help me. I seem to have misplaced my motivation.


  1. Well we all fall of that so called wagon once in a while. Get back up there Brenda and stand up for yourself!!! You can do it. Dwell on the positive and think about how good you are going to feel when you reach your goal!!! And I'm betting everyone is with me on this, You are going to make it to the end!!!

  2. Sweetie, please do not beat yourself up. Everyone slips up occassionaly. You can, and will succeed.

  3. So funny! Now that you've been shown, in a "court of law", what needs to change, you can do it! Or maybe you'll get arrested by the fitness police. I, for one, don't want to see that happen. :0)

  4. Hang in there, our fearless leader! You'll get your motivation back.

  5. LOL. I can so totally relate to that post. Hang in there. You are a great fearless leader. Don't let the devil convince you otherwise. Just remember, he is a lier, and the father of all lies, and he comes to try and steal and kill and destroy (John 8:44;10:10)

  6. This was so funny! I was laughing so hard! I'm sorry I didn't quite get to the pictures. But I will, I promise, in a future post. I love to look at other people's houses too :) I think the first step in reaching a goal is realizing where our downfalls are. So now that you have pinpointed your problem areas, get cracking! Pick one thing to change this week. WHat will it Dr. Pepper? Clean out and reorganize your pantry? DO an exercise video? You can do it! You want to, just put your desires into action :) Have a great week Brenda. Thank you for hosting this. I love it!

  7. Oh my gosh, you're hilarious, Brenda!!! I'm sure reading everyone's blogs today will redirect you...right?

  8. Oh my gosh, I love pringles ! I can't ever buy them cause if I do, I eat the whole container in one sitting! Mine never even make it to the pantry , so look at the bright side, at least yours are still in the pantry. I love all the crumbs in the bottom the best !! Ha - okay, so B , try to drink water throughout the day. It will flush the pounds away , not that I don't like Dr. Pepper too, but it always make me burp like a sailor !

    I went to Walmart and bought one piece of clothing that was just one size too small for me and hung it up in front of my bed. If I have small goals to try to accomplish , it doesn't seem so daunting . See if it will work for you, but it has to be something you would really want to wear!
    Good luck !!

  9. You are so ingenious but you are our fearless leader and we are going to encourage you to work on this. I suggest that the one thing you give up this week is Dr. Pepper. I have started drinking iced tea with a splash of some kind of fruit juice in it. Peach Mango is great. Cranberry is good also. Try it. You will like it.

  10. You know why you are the best person to do this? Because you are REAL! We can all relate to you. It's so nice to know we are all in this together!

    Great post by the way. It made me feel better. :

  11. :) I meant that to be a smiley face. :)

  12. Ha ha, you are so funny. I could never judge against you, because anyone in their right mind would choose Dr. P over tea! Also, my pantry is such an embarassment, and I hate planning meals!

  13. ok..confession time...i was doing the detox thing this week, and the first 2 days were miserable...the caffeine headache was horrible! on wednesday, i broke the rules and had a cup of coffee at bible study (with non-dairy creamer) and the had some rice (gasp!) with ground turkey and gravy (a very small portion, i promise)...both NOT on the menu. on day 5 i pretty much gave hubby broke out the champagne since he got a promotion *yippee!* and i had 2 (yep, 2) glasses..eeek! i have to admit, though..cutting out refined sugars was great! i am going to continue on with that for sure!

    totally hear you on the pantry and lack-o-exercise. good news tho: Holy Yoga comes in video form !! i will be sending off for one this week!

    i will post on the challenge this camera card is doing silly things with my images...lines, waves and dots are not supposed to appear :)

    i look forward to reading everyon's posts this weekend..i go back to work tonight, so my computer time is limited today...

    blessings, everyone!!

  14. HEY! That's my pantry! How'd you get a photo of it? Oh wait... it's missing the donuts...seriously, it looks eerily like ours...
    You are priceless girl, keep on keeping on!

  15. finally posted and linked...enjoy!

  16. LOL, oh that was so funny :)

    I'm all over the Dr. Pepper too, I could guzzle the stuff....

    I'm Trying to drink Ice Water instead....but it's so hard to kick the habit!


  17. All I can say is, "At least you're still posting!" I've lost my motivation, and stopped posting. (Oh, and stopped losing weight/gaining fitness, too.) ::sigh:: When you find your motivation, can you tell me where it's hiding so I can find mine too?


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