Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Brain Is Really Active--That Counts, Right?

I just cannot believe that it is already time for me to give out a new Fitness Friday assignment. I have really been off-schedule and off-track lately. I've misplaced my groove. If you find it, let me know.

I'm going to make it easy on myself and give open posting this week. You may talk about anything you want (fitness related, of course). You can give a fitness product review, a recipe, talk about spiritual health, anything.....can't wait to hear from you all.

I have so much to do and so much to mull over in my mind that I'm looking like I'm getting NOTHING accomplished. The homeschool room sits there half torn up. The aprons I'm supposed to finish by the end of the month are half-sewn. The girls' room re-do is not...well, doing. I feel a bit overwhelmed.

I have found great comfort in reading some "organization" sites today. I feel like sitting and planning. I feel like I need to just have some time to write out some things and plan and organize. I think I shall try to accomplish that tomorrow. Then maybe I can get busy.

Now, let me quickly share how I'm keeping the girls stuff out of the living room. I feel that since we provide them with 2 whole rooms in which to put their belongings, the living room should not also have to house their stuff. We need one space where we are ready to receive visitors and relax as a family.

So I found these small collapsible hampers at Target in the Dollar Spot. Only they weren't a dollar, mind you, but rather $2.50. The lady at the register informed me that the back wall of the Dollar Spot was actually not a dollar. But I bought them anyway, dang it. My digital camera is broken but they are kind of like this (but smaller):

I bought them in the girls' current favorite colors. They sit quite nicely on the fireplace. I planned to have the girls grab them before lunch and before Daddy gets home and gather up anything that is theirs from the living room, toss it in the hamper, and deliver it where it belongs. But instead, I have been filling them for the girls this week. I just pick up their stuff and drop it in their hampers. Then I call them to come empty them. They have been VERY surprised at how full their hampers are!!!

I praise the one who has less stuff. I praise the one who has less stuff than yesterday. No yelling, no fussing. They have had less stuff in their hampers each day. The first day I couldn't even FIT everything in the hampers!!!

I also put their folded clothes in these and they carry them to their room happily to put the clean clothes away. So far, this is working nicely. They seem very satisfied when the hamper is empty and returned to the fireplace. It makes the task have a definite ending point. Instead of making them work until every last thing is out of the living room, "all" they have to do is empty their hamper. It's all psychological, baby. And they are putting their stuff away in half the time.

I'll let you know how it goes further down the line......

So, got any great organizing sites for me? Or better yet, wanna come over and help me?

Oh, and on a good note, sister and I have our summer Theme-A-Weeks all figured out for this summer! Here is an example of one we did last year. I'll be posting our themes soon.


  1. Summer, really? Already? Looking forward to reading about your themes!

    LOVE the hamper idea! Gotta look for those at Target!

    Hope to see you on Friday. Paint's a-flyin' over here, as well as furniture and such. (Well, the furniture isn't flying, but lots of it is being moved around.) We just might have a semblance of a baby's room by the end of the week. Maybe.

  2. I love the website www.organizedhome.com/ and www.homemakingorganized.com/

    Check them out and see what you think. Taking time to sit down and plan is a MUST! Good for you! And I think the hamper idea is GENIUS!

    Go Brenda!

  3. Yes Julie! I found that first one a few weeks ago. Oh boy, I can't wait to try the second one!!!!

    And I found one yesterday: http://www.homeschool-curriculum-for-life.com/

    She's all about encouraging South African homeschoolers. Great stuff about organizing on there!

  4. Sounds like a great idea, but not sure it will work yet for a two year old and a one year old and a baby.

  5. Seriously? Focusing on SA?? Now I've GOTTA run over there and check it out. Thanks!


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