Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Wrap Up

It seems like we just put the Christmas tree away, and here it is already the end of the month! Well, for some people...they may HAVE just put the tree away! cough*Karly*cough

We kicked it off with my birthday. Always a grand event.

We went on a field trip with our homeschool group to the Health Museum.

Posing with some of our newest friends...

Learning about the liver...

Transformed the classroom from this: this. (Much better!)

Attended a mermaid birthday party. Modesty + January weather called for some creativity on my part!

They kind of crack me up. The costumes, not the girls.
We are very into dinosaurs around here. Yes, in a girl house!

I've sewed Chomper, Little Foot, and Spike so far. Three more to go. I'm sick of dinosaurs, by the way. But this little sweetie loves them.
A t-rex...
I was impressed by this triceratops...
A long-neck....can't even think of the real names anymore.

Not sure what species this is, but it cost me an entire box of toothpicks!

Worked with base ten blocks...well, OK...they played with them actually. Sweetheart made this:

Little Bit worked HARD on this. I was impressed.

I also transformed some things around the house.

Before--under our bathroom sink. Pretty!
After--all is hidden.
The bathroom window BEFORE I saw this site: (thank you to my source!)

The bathroom window after:

Sweetheart's too-short jeans BEFORE:

And now? Sassy capris! (thank you to my sister for helping me "think it out")
February will bring this:

More on that later.

I knew we had been busy, but man! And these are just the times I grabbed the camera! Hope you all had a great month too.


  1. Wow, what great pictures. I'm inspired! Love how those jeans turned out. And the school room. And the bathroom curtains. You have really done a great job. How about coming by my place and helping me? Texas is not too far from Indiana???? :o)

    Take care,

  2. I just browsed through your site. I must come back for more. Adding you to my blogroll.

    Love your blog!!

    Take care,

  3. Your under sink and capri jeans transformations are my favorite!!

  4. i love the capri's can I bring my girls jeans over in a few weeks!!!

  5. Wow. Lots of great transformations.
    Happy belated birthday!

  6. I had my Christmas tree down way before... heck, who am I kidding?

    Uh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Did I even TELL you that???

    Wow. You can actually see the school table now. Way to go!

    Those mermaid costumes are the BEST! So CUTE!

    Love the bathroom sink curtain.

    But, my favorites??? That bathroom window transformation? IT GREW! That's such a great trick!

    And, the capris??? I so need to learn how to SEW. (And I SO need a machine!)

    You had an eventful January! Loved this post, Brenda!

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  8. Hi again. I tried to post, but somehow I ended up on my husband's name. That's why Quentin showed up (;
    You're right... You have had a busy month. I don't seem to get as many of my projects done as you do.

  9. Love the bathroom curtains - the one for the window was such a subtle change yet it made the window look huge!

    And that capris idea was fantastic! They turned out really cute.

  10. Did I miss your birthday? I'm thinking I wished you happy birthday, but if not...happy birthday!

    Good job on the classroom and their mermaid costumes!

    And I love love LOVE the capris! YAY BRENDA! So crafty!

  11. Annie--give me a break girl! I have way fewer kiddos than you AND I'm not in the middle of moving!!!! :)

    Besides, I didn't show you the things that I DIDN'T get done!

  12. Thanks for sharing part of your month; you make me smile! LOVE your creativity and honesty...

  13. Love the mermaid costumes! And the capri's too. Good work. I really enjoy glimpses of your creativity and sewing talent, as I have very little of either.

    I think I already wished you a happy birthday, but just in case I didn't, Happy Birthday.

  14. Wow, girl, you have been busy. I love the sassy capri's and your window covering. too cute!

    I have also forgotten the names of the dino's. Weren't they all named little foot???

  15. Oh my gosh Brenda!! You have totally inspired me today! I love all your cleaning up and beautifying projects! You are doing SO well! Keep it up and keep showing us pictures! They are fun to see...I love before and after pictures!

  16. Those jeans are SO CUTE!!! I am tempted to want to start to sew again, but then I remember the knitting needles and yarn in my closet, all the pinning and ironing and cutting required to sew, and I have decided I will live out my sewing dreams vicariously through you.

    Is that alright?


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