Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fitness Friday: The Add and Subtract Edition

Don't worry Ladies, no math required today! The question I posed to you this week was "What do you want to add to your life and what do you want to subtract?"

I haven't measured in a few weeks but I feel a bit bigger than I was before all the holiday merriment. Time to get back to better habits and less sweets. Oh, and exercise would be good, huh?

So, here's my plan:

I want to add................more skirts to my wardrobe. I have talked about this before. I have studied it before. But I keep feeling convicted about being more feminine and less casual. I don't know why. To wear skirts more, I need to lose a bit more weight because I'd like to wear the skirts with some of the undergarments subtracted, you know? (If you remember the comments on this post, enough said.)

I want to subtract.................more inches. I want to get into a smaller size! I love seeing the inches go away each week when I measure and they haven't been doing enough of that lately! ***Edited to add...I just measured for the first time in a few weeks and I HAVE lost! My total is now 10 inches lost since the end of September. They are in various places (1/2" from my arm, 2" from my thighs, etc) and I couldn't be more thrilled! You know, if you really want to get technical...I've lost 2" from EACH thigh and 1/2" from EACH arm....Hmmm. I could really make it sound good, couldn't I?

So share with us! What do you want to add and subtract?


  1. Can't wait to see a photo of you in one of those skirts!!

  2. I am still there with you regarding skirts! It's so easy to dress casual. I think with my new wardrobe this year, I'm gonna switch it up! Especially in the summer, I definitely see super-cute sundresses in my future! :) Off to write my post right now! Hee, hee!

  3. Good morning!
    Fun topic, and the skirts are a good idea. However, I shudder to think of myself in one very often... but that is what this is for, 'cause I used to have some cute skirts.
    Did I mention Pete the picky Pika chewed up two boxes of clothes that I was saving??

  4. I've been adding more skirts for a while now.

    I'm adding a new perspective to my fitness goals...thinking more about what I want to be (fit for the master's use, stong, healthy) and less about what I don't want to be (flabby, out of shape, etc.)

    After all, I can only act on the positive, not the negative, you know?

    I'm subtracting arbitrary and unrealistic weight loss goals set to time lines and excessive weighing. I figure I'm much more likely to reach my goals (all of them not just fitness) by living intentionally each day as unto the Lord. I'll still weigh in occassionally, but probably more in response to a noticeable change in the way my clothes fit or my energy level rather than as a gauge of whether I've been "good" or not.

    And congratulations on the additional inches lost. You're doing great. You're a definite inspiration to me when I find my resolve lagging. Way to go!

  5. I think we could start a feminine revolution!!! Bloggers in Skirts for Him!!!

    You really know how to get us thinking, Brenda. Thanks.

  6. I wear skirts a lot. I like them, they're cool in the summer here (which is now) and they're feminine.

    I also wear pants, but not jeans. They just don't do justice to my body type. I look all wonky in them.

    Way to go on your inches lady!! Hooray!

  7. Way to go on your loss, by the way! :) I am so proud of you!

  8. Hey! I did it!! (I think). This is such a great way to be accountable with each other and meet our goals. :)

  9. Okay, I signed up (popped over here from Annie's blog) but how does this work? Are we supposed to write a post every Friday about how we're doing? Or do we just answer your question in a comment? And what exactly is Mr. Linky? I see that mentioned on several blogs but have never figured out what exactly he is or how to use him. :-(

    In answer to your question, though, I would like to subtract about 20 pounds, and I'd like to add exercise on a regular basis.

  10. Brenda, I just about fell out of my chair when the first thing I saw in your post was that you wanted to add more skirts. I was just talking to my husband about what I was going to post, and told him that one of the things I wanted to "add" was more skirts!!

    (By the way, he was quite keen on the

  11. Great job on the weight goals!

    I have not done skirts in quite a while due to the weight gain but look forward to wearing them again some day. My work clothes are pants suits but I remain quite feminine which is always empowering.


  12. It all makes since now...your comment about being thirsty is exactly how I have been feeling! I actually woke up twice last night to guzzle water and it was as if I could not get enough. I was in zombie mode too - my body woke me up to DRINK WATER!! Wow

  13. I just finished writing my post, so a re-linked to your Mr. Linky.

  14. I, too, have thought about adding more skirts. But with three boys ages 5 and under, it just doesn't seem too practical. You know, punting the football in the back yard in a skirt... But I have a lot of skirts I love in a smaller size, so my subtracting goal is obvious - subtract pounds and inches! As for add, I need to add more consistency to my life. I have learned that I am a starter and not a finisher, but that makes me very inconsistent. I need to make some things regular features in my day - every day.

    I didn't get a post up this Friday because we were all in the car on our way home from Colorado, and West Texas doesn't seem to boast many WiFi hot spots! :)

  15. Weird! I linked up my FF post last Friday, and it showed up as a link on my computer. But checking back in today, it doesn't show up! Hopefully it sticks this time.


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