Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Because She Loves Them

Little Bit is into dinosaurs right now. It all started with a Land Before Time video my sister let us borrow earlier this year. Both girls have been watching these videos for several weeks now, with only minor corrections from Mama reminding them that the dinosaurs did NOT live "millions of years ago before any people walked the earth."

So this launched a desperate Christmas time search for Land Before Time toys. You know, when your kid falls in love with something from the 1980's, it's not so easy to find. But finally I hit the jackpot with a "Buy It Now!" item. (I had already lost 3 bids.) S wanted to know, "WHO saves Burger King toys from 1987?" I told him I didn't care WHO, I was just glad SOMEONE had!

So that's that, right?

Ha Ha. Silly reader. One of Little Bit's nicknames is "One Track." For when she gets her mind on something...she's not really very distractable. And that is how it happened that I began sewing felt plush dinosaurs for no profit. These things go for $40+ on etsy!!! Not that mine are good enough to sell for $40 smackers. Believe me, I shot this picture purposefully so that you can't see all the little mistakes.

This is the first one. I finished it today and she asked, "Are you going to finish the other ones now?" And actually, the answer is yes. Not because I love making them. But because she loves them, and I love her.

That's how it works. No one told me that before I became a Mommy.


  1. This brings to mind a good post topic: All the things we have done/said/etc. since becoming a momma that we NEVER thought we would do/say/etc.

    I love your little dinosaur! Especially the button eye! :)

  2. Girl - you SHOULD sell those on etsy! $40 a pop - you could buy a lot of cute new clothes with that money. Or pay off debt, blah blah...who wants to be responsible, though.

    And you are a great mommy. Would you like to adopt me?

  3. Yes! This brings to mind the overnight sewing-fest prompted by my daughter needing a poodle skirt for her Daddy-daughter dance because e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e was wearing one. The things we do solely because we love them...

  4. I can't sew...:-( Maybe I'm gonna be a useless mama...

  5. Mrs W...don't worry. Make cookies. Cookies are good!

    Brenda, your dinosaur is sweet. I love to sew felt animals. But, my kiddos are getting a bit too big to love them as much as I do.

  6. I LOVE these!

    (Where these with a pattern or free hand? Or did you already state this in your post?)

    Keep up the good work with this blog and your beautiful children.

    Many blessings...

  7. Cute Dino. My kids love those movies too.

  8. these are so cute! can you make a horse?

    btw... the new profile pic looks great!


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