Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nerd Confessions

When I get really interested in something, I research it. I read everything I can on the subject. I think about it a lot. And then when I've learned everything I want about that subject, I'll move on.

I'll give you an example of my nerdiness. Many years ago before we had children, the movie Apollo 13 came out. S and I went to see it and I was so amazed! I had never heard about this event in my life! We talked to our parents about it afterward and my dad remembered it very well. He talked about the early space program and I began to understand why my dad used to wake us up to see shuttle launches when we were younger. It had been no big deal to me--I was born into a world where man had been to the moon. But I began to marvel at the whole thing.

I also got confused. I didn't know the difference between the Gemini, Apollo, and Mercury missions. So, I started researching. I got SO interested in the early space program! I read autobiographies of astronauts, I watched movies that had been made, I looked up what few websites were available back then. I even went to our library where they have bound LIFE magazines on the shelves and looked up old articles about the astronauts and the space program.

So. Did you know I was that big of nerd?

(That was a rhetorical question, by the way.)

I'm thick in the middle of a topic of interest right now but I'm not quite ready to blog about it. OH but I'm going to! As soon as all of this stuff I've read has a chance to bounce around in my brain for a while. My head is swimming with new information!

But I will tell you that it's about women's clothing. And it's not the "pants are sinful, dresses are mandated from heaven" argument because I've already studied and settled that one a few years ago. I have found out some really interesting things and I think some of you might be interested in them too.

So, hopefully soon!

But right now: your Fitness Friday assignment, if you choose to accept it:

Things That Make You Feel Good

Yeah, yeah. We all know "eating good foods" and "exercising" make us feel good. I want specifics. What habits and things in your life make you feel your best? Maybe thinking this out will help us incorporate more of these things into our daily lives. See you Friday!


  1. You really shouldn't leave your readership hanging like that, you know.

    And, the habit of eating chocolate makes me feel good. Oh. But you probably want healthy habits, huh? I'll start thinking of something else.

  2. I wasn't familiar with Apollo 13 before seeing that film either. Yet another rather important moment in Am. History NOT covered in school.

    I, like you tend to get engrossed in subjects. Right now, I always have my nose in some book about homeschooling. It's also one of the reasons I'm such a fixture around here. I love your creativity and well, you just rock! I'm also pretty intrigued by the alarming mix of culture and modern Christianity. I've been reading a lot of commentary on that as well.

    Anyway, enough of my rambling. As for being a nerd: I'd rather be a nerd than a dummy, a lifelong learner rather than one who never gets excited enough about anything to do a little digging. I'm looking forward to reading about the subject you are studying right now. You and your cliffhangers!!

    See you on Fitness Friday. Good assignment.

  3. Well, if you're a women's clothing nerd right now, I'm a headcovering nerd... reading all I can about it... learning, growing. Probably in a similar way to what you're learning about feminine dress. I can't wait to hear what you're learning... I'm still feeling too tender and private about what I'm learning to write much about it publicly. But maybe someday.


  4. I just love your are such a kick! ;^)
    ...waiting for you to share your nerd topic, can't wait!

  5. Hi, fellow nerd.

    Research can be so fun! I really don't understand people who don't research anything. For instance I have a cousin who is pregnant and was completely surprised her boobs are sore, something that is mentioned in almost every pregnancy book.

    As for healthy tips, I go more for modification than extremes:

    1. Eat a grapefruit at night during the munchy-TV watching time. I peel, then segment, then remove the membrane between segments, and then dip one end in sugar (I end up using about 1 tablespoon of sugar.) This can take around 30 minutes and satisfies my sweet tooth so I don't go for the chocolate or the ice cream.

    2. If completely cutting out something bothers you, then just reduce it. First time I tried to lose weight, I was eating mostly high fat meals (in the south everything is fried). I couldn't stand the idea of no more chicken fried steak with cream gravy, or hamburger or . . . so I limited my high fat meals to 3 a week. This made me more aware of what I was eating, but I didn't feel deprived.

    3. Drink your water. It helps your metabolism, helps keep you fuller, and has no calories.

    4. The biggest thing is to fill up on fruits and veggies (broccoli with cheese sauce doesn't count). Go ahead and eat one serving (or a small serving) of the main dish but then eat alot of fruit and veggies so that you aren't hungry. For example, one slice of pizza with a huge green salad (go easy on the dressing).

  6. I LOVE that you're such a nerd! Me too! (see, we've always been kindred spirits...but you knew that! :)) I'm still hooked on Scotland (and have been for a year) and I just found out that the book I'm reading is connected to the Revolutionary War stuff D is about that! I think I'm more into it than he is!

  7. Ha! A sister-nerd :-). Well, really I'm more of a geek...but there's a fine line. I also fantatically latch on to a topic and study it to absolute pieces. And watch out if we're planning on making a big purchase...I've lost count of the hours I've spent researching new cell phones this past week.

  8. I'm really glad to hear it. You should have seen me researching car seats before my first daughter was born. THEN I went to one of those "car seat check ups" to see if we had it installed right. The guy said he wanted to check my seat for recalls and it was taking him a really long time to look through the notebook. So, I said, "I would be really surprised if it had any recalls because it was the top-rated seat in Consumer Reports." You should have seen the look they 2 people gave each other! They said that was a first. So yeah. Nerd.

    And it floors me to see people buy a carseat at Wal-Mart, open the box in the parking lot, pop it in and drive away. YOU HAVE TO READ THE MANUAL PEOPLE!!!!

    And also, exactly what is the difference between nerd and geek?

  9. I think geeks are (like my husband)more into tech stuff, which I'm not. He takes broken appliances apart to see how they work...for fun!! Of course it saves us money cause he usually sees how to fix it. He'll research something along those lines but isn't much into books. Besides his Bibles, which he loves, of course.

    Nerds are more the book loving types of reseachers, like me. Of course, online research is so much more convenient, faster, and thorough. But I still love a good book.

  10. See...that trait is what makes you an awesome home schooling mom. Can't wait to find out what info you have discovered.

    Can I give you a couple of topics that I would like to learn about but am to lazy to do the research on?

  11. Julie--I don't think it works like that! :)

    But if you're itching to do some housework, I think we could spring a deal!

  12. So, you left us hanging... can't wait to read it.
    I LOVE to research things, too. Always have, so I'm a life-long nerd. Guess that's why we all love your blog so much (:
    A few years back I had a deep desire to start a modesty clothing company for girls and women- just deeply disturbed by what is available at the few department stores around here... women (and girls) could really dress cute, but still be modest, but maybe the lack of choices has dulled us...


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