Friday, January 23, 2009

Fitness Friday: The NEW IMPROVED Goals Edition

When Fitness Friday first began, we were all really good about stating our goals each week. Many of you have still been good about it, but not me! I think that is part of why I have been sort of just wandering around; surprised when the news is good on Friday and not too happy when the news is not good. I gotta be more focused!

So this week you were all invited to really think out your goals. To be more specific. To make our goals about more than just one part of our lives.

And now I'm realizing that was a hard assignment!

But I'll give it my best try because I really, really NEED more specific goals if I'm going to keep moving in the right direction.

1. Limit my sweets. It's OK to have a cookie or two....but I have to know how many I'm going to allow myself before I start. Also, getting back to the 100 calorie chocolate snacks would be helpful.
2. Decrease the cokes. I've fallen back into drinking them too much. I need to keep tea in the fridge.
3. Keep veggies to snack on. I bought a small veggie tray this week and husband and I ate the whole thing--and enjoyed it! I've always said if I had a personal chef to cut up and keep on hand those kinds of things I would be much healthier. Well, my arms ain't not broke as they say! (Around here we say that anyway)

1. Do something. ANYTHING resembling exercise. Walk. Vacuum. Step up and down off the bathroom stool a bunch. Dance with my kids. Jumping jacks. Goodness sake--just DO something!

I have been making an effort to dress nicer and it has really made me feel good. Of course, we all have sloppy days or a day when you are going to be getting really dirty and you need to wear your scruffy clothes...but it's not "every day with a Y in it"! So...
1. Wear other clothes besides jeans/sweat pants several times a week.
2. Pay attention to details such as my nails, hair, a little jewelry, etc.

The best beauty is inner beauty...a gentle and quiet spirit. That can only come from our Lord.
1. To watch my words and tone of voice. Even the loveliest of women can ruin the whole effect by being loud, obnoxious, crass, rude, shrill, etc. My family especially deserves to hear the effects of a gentle and quiet spirit.
2. Pray for the Lord to help me with my fitness goals. He is my source of strength!

Well, those are my goals for this week and there are so many of them I need to write them out and post them where I can see them and be reminded!

If you have written a blog post on your Fitness Friday goals, please link us to your post on the Mr. Linky below!


  1. Awesome goals!! But Mr. Linky is not there again this week. Maybe your subscription ran out? Mine did.

    Anyway, I will try to post today. Life has been crazy and I have been putting this off since last week, so I'LL BE BACK!!

  2. I have a post up too, but I see no Mr. Linky... Here's a link.

  3. Your tone of voice goal os a good one that I could probably think about some! I didn't make goals just for this week, I did them in general. Oh well - I'll start on them all this week!

  4. Well, this time it wasn't a Mr. Linky was a brain problem! I flat forgot! Sorry.

    I added you Johanna, and I HAD to make goals for THIS WEEK or I would have just typed up general goals and not actually started on them! :)

  5. Brenda, your goals are great! I haven't written my post yet, but you have motivated me! Way to go!

  6. I LOVE you goals, Mine isnt writtne yet, but it would basically say what yours says! Great post and good topic!

  7. Isn't it awful how sometimes we can have an impatient tone without even thinking about it? I am trying very hard to develop the habit of thinking before I open my mouth. Such effort is required to do that, but I never regret it when I do.

    Great goals, Brenda.

  8. Hi Brenda! Ive been following Terry's Fitness Fridays for a while now, and decided to join myself.

    Thanks for hosting this!


  9. Holey post was a formatting nightmare. I think I finally worked the kinks out. That's what I get for writing it in Word and copying it. Not recommended.

    Now I'm late to pick up Aurelia. I'll catch up with all the blogs later! :-)

  10. Sorry it took until Saturday to complete this post but my brain was all jumbled up with so many thoughts when I started writing it last night that I just had to stop and sleep on it.

  11. I'm late posting too and I can't find Mr. Linky. Please help. OOh that tone of voice goal really hits home. I'll be thinking more about that one this week.


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