Saturday, June 9, 2007


I have been so nervous about how to tell Sweetheart that we will be homeschooling next year. But word travels fast around our little church and I didn't want her to hear, "So, what do you think of your mom being your teacher next year?" from someone and her being totally confused. So today as we were doing an art project at the table, I told her. I don't think she really got it at first. Then the more we talked about it, she suddenly realized what this meant.

"But that means I won't be in Mrs. O's class next year!" (near tears)

I calmly told her that was right. Then I told her that almost none of her last year's classmates were going to be there either. From a group of 6 1st graders, only 3 were returning and she was one of them. So, they will again be a combined class with 1st grade. I reminded her that meant "last year's Kindergarten kids." Suddenly, she wasn't so sad about not being in that class.

Finally, I told her that I would never, ever serve her Frito pie, plums, and milk for lunch. (A common menu item at her school.) She smiled and came to hug me. As I scooped her up and held her, I told her that I was sick of having her be gone from us all day and I wanted to take care of her and feed her lunch, and teach her. I wanted our family to be all together and work and play and learn together. She pulled her head back and just beamed at me.

If someone loving you isn't reason to be happy about this situation, then what is?

So we dreamed together a bit about all the places we could go on our field trips and what kind of projects we could do together. She looked through all her school books that I ordered. And today at Wal-Mart we bought a binder for mommy to keep records in (though I'm not entirely sure what I'll end up putting in there.)

I am very relieved. I know she doesn't TOTALLY have this worked out in her mind. She'll think of some concerns and protests later. When I hear her tell someone else about this, then I'll know she gets it.

As Little Bit sings, "I'm very so happy. I'm very so happy. I've got the love of Jesus in my heart, down in my heart." Well, I'm very so happy, too. Let the homeschooling begin!

Oh, and did I tell you they both asked me to teach a lesson tonight!? They were ready to get started. Reminding them that this was summer did no good. So, I logged on to my favorite trusty Bible lesson site and printed off a quick craft. We sat at the table and did a little devotional while they made their craft. When we were finished, Little Bit said, "Mommy, teach me more about Noah."

I know there will be lots of rocks down this path, but tonight was a lot of encouragement to me.

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