Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Learned a Lot Yesterday

The carnival at Chilihead's yesterday was interesting. I learned a lot about my fellow bloggers. First of all, most people said they do it because they like to write. Many made their blogs to keep up with friends and family. But I could not believe how many people keep (or kept) their blogs a secret!!! Even from their husbands! That was so funny to me. Why do we feel the need to do this? Whatever the reason, this is way more fun than soap operas. Oh, and I learned that everyone loves comments. I like to leave comments for people, but I really feel that if a post already has 52 comments, what can I possibly add?

I also realized how many cool blogs and folks there were out there. I read a lot of new blogs last night that I had never stumbled across. It is such an encouragement to find fellow Christian moms/wives/homeschoolers/women who have things in common with me. Blogging sure expands your world!

And that was the other thing I learned. Those folks who started blogging way back when--they had no idea anyone in the whole world could read their blog. Several ladies said the first time they got a comment from a stranger it freaked them out! Can you believe how small our worlds used to be? I saw a church website once that had a really nice header:

PODUNK CHURCH 2314 Main Street.

That's all the information I could find on their location. I just cracked up! Main street WHERE? Do you even think they realized that people in China could look them up? It was so funny.
So, blogging has definitely expanded our little postage stamp sized lives.

And I am thankful for all the folks that I have "met."

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