Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Open Door Policy Is Not Working For Me

Today we are getting a home security system installed in our "new" house. Since my husband's new job requires that he travel some, I decided I would feel better with an alarm. I really can't believe this near 40 year old house has never had one installed. So, the home security technician has been here all day working on that.

I just have to say that I'm very glad that, on a daily basis, other strangers don't have this kind of access to our homelife. I'm pretty sure the girls have remembered to close the bathroom door today. At least that's a first! They have been known to go use the restoom--wide open--with company in the next room.

That's not really the kind of access I was talking about though. This poor guy is getting first-row seats in the house of crazy. Little Bit, who may or may not make it to her 4th birthday depending on how this afternoon goes, has been in rare form. She has pinched, hit, smacked, and wiped boogers on her sister today. That was all in the hour leading up to lunch, by the way. Actually, it's more than just wiping the boogers. It's that she says, "I have a surprise for you, Sissy" and then when Sissy holds out her hand, she is delivered the goods, so to speak.

I know Mr. Technician appreciates all the background noise, too. Specifically, Bear in the Big Blue House singing about going on the potty chair. That's music to motivate someone to hurry up and get the job done if ever there was any. Well, not THAT kind of job--you knew what I meant!

And then there's the gawking. Sweetheart inherited a strong nosy gene from somewhere in the family. If she could get away with putting her head under his arm while he worked--she would. The closer the view, the better. She spent the first few hours this morning following him around like a member of the paparazzi. It's all just fascinating! And of course, she has 20 questions per minute too. I KNOW Mr. Technician has gotten a kick out of my terribly scientific explanations about what he is doing. To his credit, he has not laughed.

"Walkways" are obviously a new concept to my children. The layout of our house is such that you have very few choices about where to step when going through a room. I've asked the girls to not play or lay or sit in the walkways because the man needs room to walk! It's like I'm speaking French to them! Each time I ask them to move out of the walkway they look all around the floor where they are. I assume they are looking for these elusive "walkways" Mommy keeps harping about. Someone really should have color-coded the floor for them, I guess. I don't think we are communicating.

And speaking of communication...because I don't want to argue in front of a total stranger, I have found myself resorting to that silent Mommy language. This is usually reserved for situations when you cannot speak such as church, funeral homes, crowded restaurants, or anytime your child is across the room from you in a large gathering. Most of the talking is done with big eyes, a very tightly drawn mouth, and frantic gesturing. Oh, there also seems to be hissing involved. And they understand perfectly. (I love seeing other moms make these expresssions across the auditorium at church. It's so funny.)

In a few hours he will be through and we can go back to the smooth operation of our daily lives. It's tiring being on your best behavior like this. I could never be a celebrity.


  1. LOL, this has described my family on so many days. I've finally learned to call off "school" when a repairman is home. Or when someone is using big equipment within view of any of our windows. I know the UPS guy just thinks we're plain crazy- all the little excited heads popping up when he rings the doorbell. :)

  2. That's funny. My 3 year old son is potty training, and he usually leaves the bathroom when he's finished--bare from the waist down, whether anyone else is here or not.

    Thanks for joining in Read Together. It will be fun.


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