Friday, June 29, 2007

A Quick Thank You

I was just so happy this morning when I saw that I had been given a Thinking Blogger Award! Thank you to Melissa over at From Melissa's Desk for nominating me. What a blessing. I am always in awe of the "funny bloggers" and even though I may be funny enough in person--that's just not what my blog is about. Starting to blog was the best thing I ever did because I had SO much to say! I felt my head unclog when I started. It helps to have a place to sort out all my deep thoughts and crazy ideas. And if one person is encouraged by that--then I am glad. So, getting an award for making people think is a pretty nice thing indeed. Thanks Melissa!
(My 5 tags will have to wait for a bit more quiet around here so I can....well, THINK!)

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