Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And Then They Fall Asleep

It was not an extremely good day around here, in spite of the humor in my previous post. It's not a good sign when your husband walks in from work, stops, and says, "What's wrong with everybody?"

I have an earache and this afternoon it was really hurting. Little Bit tried every bit of patience right out of me today. I was completely out of ideas by the time my husband got home. Mr. Technician was here ALL DAY. I didn't have time to go to the grocery store so we had nothing for dinner. I actually asked for prayer tonight during Bible class. For what? For parenting that 3 year old of ours. Some things just call for more prayer than others.

But just now I turned around and there on the couch I saw this:

Now I know this picture doesn't do for you what it does for me because it's my baby. But if you are a mother, you understand. God, in His wisdom, makes room in a mother's heart for moments like this.

No matter how frustrating. No matter how trying. No matter how absolutely crazy she can make me...

I love her so much I can hardly stand it sometimes.

And I can see her asleep at night before I go to bed and know that tomorrow I will wake up ready for a new day with her. I will go to sleep thankful for her. I will be delighted to see her in the morning.

She is my baby and I love her.
And tomorrow is a new day.

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