Thursday, July 7, 2011

What It's Going to Take

So I decided a few things.

First of all, this next school year is going to take more time. I think each year takes a little more time than the previous year, especially when you add a student or change curriculum and of course, as your kids get older. I don't think it will start taking less time until they start graduating.

So there is no way we will get all our work done by lunch. We didn't do that often last year either, but I didn't make any plans to accommodate that change.

This year, however, I shall!

My concern is school taking so long that I get up from school and start fixing supper. When will I ever get anything done? So, here is my plan!

(Yes, I'm prepared to eat some of these words but you know....if you aim at nothing....)

1. We have to get up earlier. School can't start at 9:00 anymore. S is leaving for work earlier already, which has me getting up earlier, so I'm getting the girls up earlier. Might as well start a good habit.

2. Everyone will wash their own breakfast and lunch dishes. I bought one of these bad boys

(image from here--got mine at Wal-Mart.)
and moved the old bathroom stool to the kitchen so Little Bit could reach the sink. We're practicing that habit now.

3. Having a certain day to do certain things. I know, you have to be flexible. Still, I have decided Fridays are grocery shopping days. I decided something for all the other days but I can't remember them just now. The point is, I have a plan.

And I'm thinking on a family theme for this year. Seriously thinking on it. And I'm not kidding like last year.  (Although we have gotten better at that previous theme idea!) Anyway, I still have some studying to do before I tell you my theme idea.

What are you planning to make your year smoother?


  1. soooo thinking on THAT and my year already started! Guess I should get ON that!

  2. This year I have a 1st grader and a pre-ker so I am really not sure how that works with making this run smoother :/ Yesterday we began school at 9AM and today will be no different, they are little we dont require that much, yet, thankfully! I think just the fact of getting everyone on the same day to dasy schedule will do a lot and having things that the kids can do without my help will also be great(:

  3. Work the plan, girl!

    It really does start taking less and less time as the children become strong readers and more mature/self-disciplined. My 12 & 14 year old girls need just about zip from me, and the 11x2 boys need me near by and available, but not constantly attached to them. More like help with a vocabulary question, throw in a load of laundry, give a spelling test while washing the dishes, set the blog aside to firm up a math skill, etc.

  4. Oh! I forgot! Little bit will be in charge of washing towels and Sweetheart will wash darks. I will wash everything else. We'll see!

  5. Same here. Already thinking about next year (more like next month's) plan. We must get up and going earlier. I am determined to do a 4 day week, which means it'll be a busy 4 days. I do like that you have plan and a theme. Sounds like something I need to get to work on!

  6. Yes...when I say "next year" I actually mean "next month" also! Ack!!!

  7. I love my wand scrubber!
    We're switching to My Father's World this next year, and I'm thinking we're going to be making some scheduling changes as well. Like you, we're going to need to start sooner than 9:00.

  8. You can never go wrong with good "Home Training" ! :)

  9. Brenda, I have been in a non-stop mode of trying to get my life on a schedule. I am taking it moment by moment, because the baby has thrown me for a loop.


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