Monday, July 25, 2011

It Begins! (Our First Box Day)

Saturday at exactly noon (while I was on the phone to a company trying to get a refund), the doorbell rang.

It was our Sonlight order! (I was so bummed I was on the phone when it came!)

Now this order was mostly Sweetheart's stuff. She's studying core D+E this year (American History). Little Bit knew she had a handwriting book in the big box, but I also saved one of her Amazon orders for her to open. Looks kind of pitiful in the pictures but she was happy.

They both helped unpack it all. I couldn't believe how many things came out of that box. It was like a clown car.

Sweetheart was excited, but also a bit like, "wow." It is a LOT of books!

So then we got Little Bit's books off the shelf (She's doing core A this year and we've been collecting them used and borrowed for several weeks) and she wanted me to read over the packing slip for HER stuff too. Just like I had done for Sissy's. Except...there actually isn't a packing slip for all this. But I did have the two Amazon packing slips with about 7 books listed on them so I read those off and then continued to hold the packing slips very importantly while peeking at the pile to call off titles for her to find. She was happy.

But, this was funny...

We have rabbits you know. Well, one rabbit now that Snuggles died. Rabbits are a bit like cats in that they will actually use a litter box. Our outdoor rabbits have always lived in a little rabbit house outside and they just naturally picked a corner of the house for their, um, litter box. We have always called it "poo corner." As in, "Be careful, don't step in poo corner!" or "Just sweep all that extra hay into poo corner."

So now that you know that, you will understand why Little Bit yelled "EWWW!" when I read off the title of one of her books:

Ha! I cracked up! She was relieved to know it was just Winnie the Pooh and not the other kind.

I was very excited and I've already arranged my binder and read the first 2 of Sweetheart's books. But I do have some concerns. I'll share more about those tomorrow. Overall, we are very excited about the new school year (which starts in 2 weeks! ACK!)

Now I'm going to sit back and wait for Luke's comment. He magically finds all Box Day posts! :)


  1. Pooh Corner - poo corner
    Too funny! They can make a person laugh, can't they? It is always exciting to get the box of curriculum in the mail. It makes it so difficult to wait until the start of school and you KNOW the kids don't want to start early. :-)

  2. LOVE the Poo Corner concern, precious! Congratulations on box day - we love that day too!

  3. LOL! Luke is magical! ;-) Fun box day!!! You know I'm almost as excited for you as you are, lol!

  4. FUN!!!! Our two boxes for B came on Saturday too, though we haven't had our box day yet. I went through all his stuff and he sort of grumpily looked at it and mumbled under his breath a few times. We'll have our box day next week most likely and involve all the kids. Poo-corner, love it. We have his former class's guinea pig for the summer and she has a poo corner as well in her cage.

  5. We enjoyed using Sonlight for more than 7 years with our children and box day was always exciting. :)


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