Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Learning (Sort of)

I just want you to know that even though we are on summer break....and even though it was a holiday weekend...we are still all about the learning over here at the House Revised. We've covered a variety of topics lately.


While we were shopping this weekend, Sweetheart started asking me when she was going to get her own cell phone. I told her if it was up to me, she wouldn't have a cell phone until she had a driver's license and she would have much better luck asking her dad as he is more likely to buy her one sooner. (I mean, the child is always with me!)

Then on the way home, she said, "Mom, can you tell me the story of when you got your first phone when you were little?"

"Sure! I was 28 and pregnant with you and Daddy and I shared a phone."

Her face was hilarious. I had to inform her that cell phones had not been invented when I was little.

History. Done.


We had a little lesson on how, if you cannot find the dustpan, it is indeed NOT OK to sweep the pile behind the trash can.

It's the little things you think you don't have to say.

Rhyming Words

I realized I had failed to buy one ingredient for my casserole I was making yesterday for our fourth of July meal. Sweetheart wanted to run to the store with me.

Me: Little Bit, Sissy and I are going to run to Kroger and get a zucchini. If Dad comes in from mowing, tell him where we are, OK?
Now, pretend I'm Dad....what are you going to say?

Little Bit: That you went to the store to buy a bikini.

Rhyming words. Done.

I know I should be sharing our Fourth of July pictures today, but I guess that can wait for tomorrow.

Also HOW is it already July???


  1. Hmm, I sweep things behind the trash can all the time :) Of course I'm mom and rules are different for mom.

  2. LOVE the history lesson!

  3. How did S like the bikini? :)

    Love that learning is continuing over there... :)

  4. LOL! What fun! I was just speaking with someone else today about how it seems so hard to live without cell phones these days, when, thinking back, I've only had my own cell phone for about 6 years! Hubby and I shared one for a little while before that, too (how, I'm not exactly sure!). I remember when internet was first introduced in school, like my junior or senior year... how did the human race survive for so long without these things?! ;-)

    The bikini comment totally cracked me up!

  5. I had to laugh at the cell phone remark. I bought my first cell phone. It was within a few weeks of actually meeting my husband and I was so crazy happy to have one. :)

    We did give Eli is first phone yesterday. Matthew bought it for him. He will be 13 in the fall and with his disease we wanted to be able to chat with him when he is away. Art Camp this summer totally told us we needed to get him one. He is over joyed.

    We also go through our off days and say things like, Science, check! LOL

  6. the bikini made me laugh. ha!

    indeed, it's the little things we think we don't have to say. oi.

  7. I, too, love the history lesson!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)