Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Track

That's the nickname we used to use for Little Bit because her mind tends to be that way. know the animal that never forgets? That's her. Sheesh, once something is in her head that's IT.

This time I'm the one with the one track mind. I'm in all out get ready for the school year mode. I am so boring. Where is my summer fun attitude?

I think it melted last month. It's SO HOT.

Can I just have a fall fun attitude instead? Huh?

I'm thinking of working really hard in the summer and winter and taking more time off in the spring and fall. That would be mean revising my schedule from last year (6 weeks on, 1 week off) but it only makes sense. When it's beautiful outside--I want them outside!! When they can't be, we might as well work!

Other than that, I have some things to finish up around here. A friend got a teaching job so I loaded him up with stuff that I realized I am never going to use for homeschool. My room is so much emptier now!!! I still have some stuff to deal with in there, but it's MUCH better.

The sewing room however? Not good. I might need a machete to make my way through there.

S and I (mostly S) worked very hard and got Sweetheart's dollhouse put together this weekend. She got it for  her birthday last August and piddled around and didn't finish painting it and procrastinated and never worked on it....until Daddy threatened to throw all the pieces away.

{WAY too tired to upload a picture. Tomorrow, OK?}

Then she got busy. And now she has a dollhouse. And I no longer have dollhouse pieces all over the house.

We went to a friend's house Friday. Some other friends are coming over tomorrow. I guess we're having some summer fun...but I just feel so serious all the time. Maybe I'm tired. We had a really awesome Bible study last night with a friend and we wrapped it up about 12:30. So I think I need to go to bed.

Then maybe I can have a more fun attitude.

And maybe even get my mind off the homeschool track for a while.

I think that's the point of a break.

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  1. Um I dont think we stop thinking even on a break??? Sorry to burst your bubble--- but we can still Have fun!!!


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