Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Call Me Jack

You know, Jack of all trades but master of none?

Well, I'm "Starter of all rooms but finisher of none."

I went to bed early with a headache last night and later S joined us. (ha ha!) When I woke up at 1 something to go um, visit the ladies' room, I felt better and suddenly very determined to finish things today. At one in the morning it all seemed possible. I was going to finish the homeschool room, the laundry room, and do most of the organizing in the sewing room ALL TODAY.

I'm sorry to say that by 6:15 this morning that did not seem so possible or even appealing. But I really do need to just finish something around here! I've got stuff to sell/give away stacked on the fireplace and I just need to get rid of it already. I have little things left here and there to go through in the homeschool room and I'll feel so much better when they are DONE. I'm almost though with the laundry and if I could just finish and clean off that one little cabinet I would be so happy. Why is everything half done?

Also, we do not have milk and that means no cereal, no blueberry muffins, no pancakes. I was at Kroger yesterday. ARGH.

I think I just need someone to visit with while I work. That always makes it go better. Why is everyone so busy with their own families and their own homes and their own lives? I mean, don't they know I work better when I have someone to chat with??? So selfish!

And speaking of that, do any of you ever go several days without talking to another adult? I mean, husband comes home at the end of the day but he works late a lot and we're tired and we don't exactly wax eloquent about our day together, you know? I mean during the day. S will ask, "Did you talk to anybody today?" (Just trying to get the news about what's been going on while he was at work) and a lot of times I pause and say, "No. Well, I did chat with the lady who checked us out at Wal-Mart." I mean seriously! I can go several days and not have talked with anyone but my kiddos.

It's no wonder I don't finish anything. Maybe I'm losing my mind REALLY slowly?

Anyone else ever feel that way?



Well, if you need me I'll be wandering from one room to the next.


  1. Yes, I can go for days without having any adults to talk to other than my husband. He also comes home from work rather late most days but somehow we both love to talk and often have to make up our minds to be quiet so we get to sleep before midnight.


  2. I work SO much better when there's someone else there to work with and talk to!! Actually, I do most things better when I have someone alongside me. Cooking, canning, baking, cleaning, etc. are just 200% more fun when I'm not on my own.

  3. You just described my life! I feel like I'm always behind in cleaning. It seems like I don't talk to anyone, either. I blame text messaging.

  4. I know exactly how you feel. Hubby comes home late here too. We talk but most of the time it is not really talking...just kinda making noises in eachother's direction...lol! I usually get the most done when someone is coming over at some point during the week b/c I will clean the house for them. If no one is coming over, the house is not as clean.

  5. i know just how you feel this week anyway.I useally talk to my best friend 2 or three days a week we have been friends from 7yrs to 41 but with all the summer camps,VBS and vacations we haven't been able to talk and I think I might be losing it.I LOVE my husband but when its time for the retirement home I want my best friend to come along with me!LucyT

    I want my husband there also of course

  6. I also go for days without talking to another adult, at least in person. I talk to hubby daily on the phone, but he's a trucker and gone all week!! I know how you feel. I also start projects and never finish them. Start rooms at 1am only to think the next day "What was I thinking"!
    You're not alone!!

  7. Yes! I have "drop off the kids" and "pick up the kids" chat with the mom of the kids I babysit, but otherwise, my conversations are no higher than an 8 year old level for long stretches of time. I am looking forward to them being teens and having stimulating talk with them. :)

  8. so did you get anything done today?

  9. This is soooo me!!! I try to get on the phone with my sister every other day just to get things done around here. "Wandering from one room to the next" with ya. lol =)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)