Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guess What I'm Doing?

Curriculum is starting to come in!

We had a little money so we got a few school supplies today.

The Brendster....makin' copies at the copy machine. 

Oooh. Pretty colored paper!
I LOVE getting ready for school.


  1. Me, too! My first box arrived today. I have three more coming. Squee!

  2. Me too! We started our curriculum shopping in February, so the high is long gone here!

  3. Me toooooo!! I'm a total school nerd. I always loved office supply stores and catalogs, even when I was young! I love getting new school supplies - so fun! Such promise and hope for the new year! (Yes, I am really waxing poetic about school stuff. Told you I was a nerd!)

    Oh, and we just got one of those fax/copy/print thingamajiggies and I LOVE being able to do copies at home. Definitely a homeschooling must-have!

  4. Erin I agree! I was thinking today how blessed I am to have it. Our old one made copies but it was in the living room in the bottom of the tv cabinet. So you had to sit on the floor to use it. Not very easy. I LOVE having the printer in there where we work.

  5. I love getting ready for school too! I haven't been able to order curriculum yet (hopefully soon), but I have been cleaning and organizing the school room.


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