Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Up Early and Some Other Stuff

Being 40 is very strange. I'm about to tell you all about the virtues of getting up early.


Liking getting up early?

Forty is weird.

I know some of you are natural early-risers and have blogged about how wondrous it is, but I never bought it. I used to think the world would be just about perfect if I could get up at 8:00 every morning. When I was in high school, we slept until 10am at least every morning of the summer. Ug. I would hate to sleep that late now! S and I have been getting up around 6 or 6:15 and I can't believe how much I get done and get this: I'm actually tired at a decent hour and ready for bed!

Now, moving on to other less nerdy 40 year old topics.

Here is the completed dollhouse.

It was one of the smallest ones at Hobby Lobby and the dollhouse itself only cost about $40 with a coupon. But BOY the putting it together!! At last, it is done.

Here is the inside of our old TV cabinet/my new homeschool cabinet.

I love it, but this cleaning up the homeschool room has drug on long enough. I've got to finish it today or tomorrow. It's driving me crazy. I'm ready to start making copies and organizing notebooks, etc. NOT keep sifting through piles.

Today, friends are coming over to play and later in the week we are going to a splash park with our homeschool group. So see? That good night of sleep totally got me in summer fun mode.

And of course, we'll be going to the library. Each girl has read over 50 books so far. Most of which were from the 1,000 Good Books list. And so many of them really have been good books!

This was a book with very few words, but excellent illustrations. They pored over it for so long!

They are so much better than all the bright, colorful paperback books that the kids are drawn to because they are from some Disney show or movie. These books usually have boring covers. But inside--that's what counts. I think Little Bit truly has learned what the saying "You can't judge a book by its cover" means this summer.

I'm off to be productive with my early rising self. (Gotta pick up some before the friends get here!)

Have a great Monday!


  1. THANK YOU for posting about the doll house. The Rosebud has the biggest doll house on the planet (Hobby Lobby with a 50% off coupon) and it sits on the upstairs landing on a work table NOT being worked on. Perhaps during this next academic break?

  2. Oh Q. I feel your pain. We used CA glue for the whole thing. My husband uses CA glue for making wooden pens and you can get it at a woodworking store. It's serious stuff. Dries really fast. We have it all over our hands, but we are DONE! Does your house have shingles? Because I did those a cheat-y way too. :)

  3. We've never done a put-it-together-yourself dollhouse, but I can see how it would be a tedious yet very cool project!

  4. The dollhouse is beautiful.

    I am already an early riser, but just want to say, UUUGGGGHHHH- I will be 40 in September! How did this happen? :)

  5. Good for them for reading so many books from the 1,000 Great Books List! I'm stopping by from the Homeschool Lounge and I'm a new follower. Nice to meet you.

  6. The house is darling. :) I love it. :)


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