Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the Lookout for Planning Posts!

Oh I just love reading everyone's curriculum choice posts! It is fun to me to see what everyone else chooses for their children. I know there are several link ups for these posts around the web. If you know of one.....tell me about it in the comments, would 'ya? I'd like to visit and join a few.

I just wanted to let you know, dearest readers, that I edited my curriculum choice post. I have changed my mind about a few things and wanted to let you know. Before I link up with any lists, I'll probably just delete those things I am not going to be using. For now, I just crossed them off.

Changing our mind is part of the fun, right? Oh we are so blessed with all the choices we have! And the freedom! I cannot forget that other parents in other countries are facing large fines and even worse if they choose to homeschool their children. Let's be diligent and plan carefully for this blessing we have.

Oh I love planning too. I love to see how others plan and organize their stuff. If you've seen any great posts about this lately...shout those out too!

Homeschool Nerd Planners Moms Unite!


  1. I'll be posting my hopefully in the next week, though it's not nearly as exciting. This is my first year homeschooling and I'm not nearly as brave yet. I'm also not sure if I'm a long term homeschooler or a one year homeschooler. We're taking it one year at a time and going from there. I'm just keeping my oldest home as well. My 6 year old will be going into first grade and attending the same school he was at last year and my youngest will stay at her preschool. It's fodder for a long post, but for now I'm at peace with our decisions. I LOVE sonlight, I think I'll be ordering the readers for B this year.

  2. Flexibility and changes where needed are a good thing! I agree, we are quite blessed by the freedom and the plethora of homeschool materials available to us. (Sometimes I feel like that plethora can be overwhelming!)

    I'm sure you've seen it, but I joined in one here: (there are lots of Sonlight user's posts)... and here's my post on our upcoming year: My "how I fit it all in" scheduling post will be coming next week!

  3. I just found this one today, so I haven't checked out all the links, but it looks promising!


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