Sunday, August 29, 2010

Announcing: A Family Theme...Maybe

I've seen this several places lately. Some families have a big back to school dinner for their kiddos and announce their family's theme for the year. Very cool.

NieNie does this every year. Except there is no permalink. Stephanie, WHERE is your permalink? How do you make your blog do that thing where no matter what I click on, the address stays the same? It was Wednesday, August 25, if you are interested. Her feast was amazing. Their theme this year? "To learn with joy."

Then I saw Monica's feast for her family. Monica had a permalink. Her theme was "Wisdom."

I like this idea. So I got to thinking.....what would our family theme be? I mean, what do I want to focus on this year???

And just came to me:

Too direct?

I'm kidding. I would never make a beautiful banner with those words on it. BUT I am very serious about the theme. I'll use different words, OK?

If I could teach my children (and maybe their parents too) one thing that would make my life (and their future lives) easier, it would be to put things away when you are done with them. My children do not act like this in public. I mean, I've seen the families where the kid has trash in their hand and mom or dad just tells them to throw it on the ground. We would NEVER do that. My children pick up their things in public. They throw their trash away at McDonald's. They don't just kick their shoes off in a store and walk away from them.

Why are they treating our home this way? I am going to be on them 24/7 about this. I cannot get them to understand: If you put things away when you are through, there is never any cleaning to do.

Can you imagine a world like that?

And isn't that a nice rhyme I just accidentally made?

It's long, but I like it. And I do realize that there would be cleaning...but the girls and I LIKE cleaning. We don't like picking up. Maybe if I change the word "cleaning" to something else....

Oh forget it. This family theme stuff is hard work.


  1. Put Your Crap Up

    Hillarious, Brenda, and a good goal. I'm a living witness that if you don't nip this problem in the bud now, you'll be living with it 10 years from now.

    I like it!

  2. LOL! Brenda, you crack me up! Great theme :-D

  3. Will this theme work for husbands? Haha. How about: Put your dirty smelly socks in the hamper and they'll get washed. If you leave them under the bed, desk, couch, in the bathroom, near the fireplace, on the porch, I cannot always find them because I cannot read your mind and therefore they won't get washed. But yeah, that's much too long to put on a banner and husbands are harder to train. Guess I need to just keep looking for socks in obscure places, and hope that my toddlers don't find them first and shift them to another, equally as difficult location to find.

  4. holy cannoli, we go through this every day! Every minute of every day! I hate having crap everywhere, I nearly busted my big butt yesterday when I stepped on a hot wheel that was on the floor.
    I started yelling in Italian which my kids always know is not good!!!

    What about "Be Tidy" as your banner?

  5. do you mean when you click on the title of the blog and it takes you to that page and your http is the blog/ title of post?

    That was totally NOT BLOG lingo but its early for me today!

    and I like the first banner best... directness is good!

  6. Yes Carrie, that's what I mean. :) Sometimes the permalink is on the date but I just can't find hers anywhere.

  7. LOVE IT! No, it's perfect. I like 'direct'! :)

  8. if you click on the TITLE then in your http window it will be the permalink you can copy that.

  9. NOT on Stephanie's blog. Go try it. I'm not crazy! :)

  10. HAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh. Actually you have been making me laugh a lot these days. Keep it up! :)

  11. hahahahaha!!! You had me AND Matt laughing out loud SO hard!! Please stop and imagine that sound in your head for a second... "Put your crap up!" The best ever!!


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