Monday, January 24, 2011

I've Gathered You Here Today for No Good Reason

And I usually have so much to talk about come Monday! We had an interesting weekend. We started off on Friday night with Bible study, as usual. We have had a Friday night Bible study (every other week) for about 6 years now. Of course, we often go weeks and weeks without meeting because with 7 people between our two families, someone always seems to be sick or have another event they need to attend on a Friday.

We also started a Tuesday night Bible study with 3 ladies from church but due to scheduling conflicts, we've recently combined these two Bible study groups to Friday. the girls and I spend a little extra time cleaning on Fridays. I like that because it starts with weekend off well. We invited one of the ladies for supper before the study Friday and I made stew for the first time ever.

And for the second time last week.....100% of my family like the new meal. Did you hear that???? TWO TIMES last week I served new meals and got 4 thumbs up!!!! This is huge. I am now up to 28 meals on my 30 meals list.

Saturday I scrambled around looking for an idea for sewing class. I've been teaching Sweetheart and her friend B for many months now and honestly I was out of ideas. Then I decided we're just going to make felt food. Felt is so easy to sew with (and cheap!) and the felt food allows them to both hand sew and use the machine. The funny thing is, Sweetheart can't wait to PLAY WITH the felt food she makes and her friend B is trying to think of a little kid she can give it to. She doesn't really play anymore like that being the youngest in her family and having big teenage sisters.

I love that Sweetheart still plays. I know it's partly because she has a little sister. For months they have been playing bears. You know, we have quite a collection of Build-a-Bears to choose from! They have made a family consisting of Papa, Mama, Sister and Baby Bear. Each one has a personality and half of the toy room has been transformed into the bear's house. Using old boxes, they have made a stove, fridge, and fireplace. They have also made a couch and coffee table out of other objects. And the doll beds I made last Christmas? They haven't played dolls in FOREVER but it's OK because the bears are using these beds now.

I've been commissioned to sew bear clothes too. Guess I need to get on that. But did you know that doll clothes mostly fit the smaller bears? Awesome. I love that they play this together, but art imitates life. When S went out of town for work a few weeks ago, Papa was on a plane too. If I burn something in the kitchen, Mama Bear burns supper. Better watch what I do!

Anyway, the felt food will be for the bear family. It's funny to me the difference in Sweetheart and B even though they are only 9 days apart. B is in 6th grade and like I said, lives in a house of teenagers. Sweetheart is still in elementary and has a little sister. Big difference. But they are friends and after sewing class is over they both run outside to play together.

Sunday was a weird day. A very strange day. But it's not really blogging material. So we'll skip to Monday, OK?

Today I have taken off of school. According to our Sabbath School schedule, this is a week off even though we've only been back to school 3 weeks. (That was so our spring break would line up like I wanted.) Only I don't feel like taking a week off just yet. So, I talked to S about just using a day here and there as needed. Today, it's needed as the homeschool room is a mess and I need to grocery shop and do some laundry and I'd like to sew also. Mondays are good days to take off.

It's pouring outside so the grocery store is not in my near future. Guess I'll get started on something else around here. Gotta work hard to keep up this interesting blog material!

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  1. I lOVE that Courtney still plays... Kaitlin does not. She has never been a big player anyway...but now definitely not! Emily plays a little, she does better if she plays with a player. I mean she can be plenty creative but she doesnt generally get dolls or horses or build a bear and play for hours. Oh well...I like felt food.. it all looks SOOOO cute! I did felt fortune cookies last year, they were fun!


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