Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have a question:

What does reverence for God look like in worship?

Fire away...


  1. wow..I'd sure like to see the answer to that one too:) you'd have to do a word study on the word worship, how and when it was used, what that looked like then (biblical examples) in relation to now. One could not depend on just your "feeling" about something you've seen, for that would be based on personal knowledge instead of biblical, which is our true reference. I am ill equipped to answer, I confess:)

  2. Well, I'v used a lot of Scripture during our worship time (singing) at church and what I've mostly seen is shout (loudly), rejoice (which means to spin violently), praise (also demonstrative with hands up and out), and terms such as those. I struggle to find anything about worship (singing) with reverence. I'm sure there must be a verse there somewhere.

    I really think that with any type of worship, it's a matter of the heart. Over and over God looked a the person's heart. He alone can judge the heart.

    Hmmm... very interesting.

    :) Janet

  3. Ok. What I was thinking when I wrote this question, without getting into a big theological study about the word worship, was just simply "Sunday morning worship service." (Or Sunday night for that matter!) The gathering of believers for worship.

  4. I think in this case maybe you mean worshiping respectfully??? I think that means PAYING ATTENTION, hats off, cell phones down, singing the words or at least putting your focus on GOD. I think it can look like hands raised, down on your face, dancing in the aisle, calmly singing, a fast song, a slow song... I think when you feel the prescence of GOD and you are truly focused on HIM, praising HIM.. that is reverent worship. I know that in different demoninations it has lookded VERY, very differernt. Why people feel the need to be solemn during worship as if that is the right way.. boggles my mind. I think it is exciting.. I mean you are singing PRAISES TO THE KING-- I dont think solemn is the answer but respectful of what is goign on is... My kids stand when everyone else stands, they sing the words if they know it... To be honest.. EMily gets into it as does Kaitlin, MATT does not yet. BUt we are working on it! :)

    does that help??? P.s. I also think the worship leader plays a KEY role in this. If you dont have a worship leader that is actually INTO worshiping GOd it feels more like a its supposed to be a chore to me or it is something we get done quickly becasue we are supposed to.

  5. Okay, I don't know that we can pinpoint what corporate worship is supposed to look like. I believe that if it is entertainment-driven, that's bad.

    One of the things I often think about is how Abraham called his journey onto the mountain to sacrifice Isaac an act of worship. A time of mourning and sacrifice was characterized as worship.

    Now of course, the bridegroom has come, and the sacrifice for sin has been paid, therefore our worship should be celebratory.

    I just said a whole lot of nothing, didn't I? Reverence in worship means that we are aware of God's presence and all of our singing and words of adoration are performed (for lack of a better word right now) for an Audience of One.

    My idea of a good worship service would include lots of prayer, songs of celebration and hymns (both rich in theology and Scriptures) and teaching that encompasses thorough Scripture exploration rather than anecdotes.

  6. Oh, Carrie's comment makes much more sense than mine!

    I have a tendency to veer off-couse sometimes, lol!

  7. I think we are far too casual in coming to worship the Almighty God. I think we can get too jokey and too slang and just too....irreverant. In the name of being "not stuffy" and "relevant" I think we can lose a reverence that is necessary. And that He deserves.

  8. In our current church the praise leader is very, very worshipful-- if that is even the right way to say it. However I dont get that the pastor really, really gets into worship- THIS IS MY OWN JUDGEMENT right or wrong. but for me this means when I am really feeling the Lord and "getting" into worship... the pastor is like okay TIMES up! :) it is frustrating sometimes...

  9. But Terry, you are right. There is more to worship than singing. Actually, and this is showing my upbringing, there are 5 acts of worship in the New Testament. But worship is also a lifestyle. It's everything we do. (like Abraham) I was, however, thinking of the 5 acts of worship Christians do when we get together.

  10. I think a lot of things depend on perspective. I may go into my church with it's contemporary praise and worship music and it be a very worshipful experience for me. Someone else could come in and decide it was too showy for them...Worship and Praise and Reverence are attitudes of the heart and dependent upon our relationship with God. We should know where we stand with Him and we should be cautious that we are only judging ourself in those areas. I grew up in churches where we largely sang hymns and I LOVE them. However, several years ago many things in my life changed, God gave me victory over some pretty big things and I began to understand who He is and how He feels about me. It was at that time that sitting in a pew and standing to sing then sitting back down according to the "program" was not enough for me. I needed to worship who I knew He was in a way that I felt was worthy of that. One thing that helped me tremendously when we left my life long denomination for a Non-Denominational church, was a study on the Hebrew words for praise. I highly recommend that type of study. (This link is from a church that is a Non-Denominational Messianic congregation, that I honestly know nothing about. However it has listed the words with their meanings and given scriptures where that particular word was used.)

  11. Thanks for that link Kristie--I do want to look up those words!


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