Friday, January 21, 2011

Little Bit and the Doctor

So, yesterday was weird. We got up and started school as usual. We played a game during Bible time (Hide the Spies--the story of Rahab) and Little Bit was loving it. She laughed and played. Shortly after that, she said she had a headache. She had complained of a headache a few times the day before, but it never stopped her from playing.

Yesterday, however, it made her go lay on the couch and be in pain. I gave didn't seem to help. I finally called the doctor because this child has never had a headache. If it had been Sweetheart, I wouldn't have batted an eye. She gets them all the time. The nurse suggested we bring her in just to check her out. I made a late afternoon appointment, planning to cancel if she started acting fine.

Well, after an hour or so she said her head felt better. It was time to go to the gym with our homeschool group and she said she felt like going. Once we got there, however, she didn't play. She just sat in my lap the entire hour we were there. She finally said she wanted to go home so we left.

When we got home she went straight to bed and took a nap. So, now you KNOW something is wrong. When she woke up, it was nearly time to go to the doctor's appointment. She woke up crying. OK--not good. I carried her into the doctor. Also not good. She doesn't like to be carried anymore. She sat beside me with her head on my arm in the waiting room. She didn't move. Poor kid.

The doctor came in and declared she was tachycardic so she was coming down with fever right this very minute. She had the nurse take her temperature again. Nope, still 99. She felt her hands. "Oh, they are cold! She's going to have fever soon." She put a pulse/ox meter on her thumb. "Yes...she's tachycardic. She's probably getting the flu. Has she been around anyone with the flu?"

No. She hasn't. Here's where I explained to the doctor that I assumed it was a sinus infection because for well over a week she's had a runny nose. The doctor agreed that could be it and called in medicine. But, she strongly urged me to keep an eye on her when we got home and bring her back in tomorrow for a flu test if needed because they've seen a lot of it going around.

But I was very doubtful. My kids are homeschooled. No one at church has had the flu and they aren't around their church friends that much. I mean, I KNOW they can get the flu (they both did last year--Sweetheart got it in the SUMMER!) but still....

So we get home and I quickly make supper. Little Bit asks what we are having.

"Fajitas." I say.

"Oh boy!" she says. And eats 2 of them.

Then spends the rest of the evening playing and talking and feeling completely normal. Like nothing ever happened.

She just got up and she's fever free and happy.

I have no conclusion. I am baffled, but happy.

Like I said, yesterday was weird.


  1. That is odd! I'm glad she didn't come down with the flu. When my kids get sick, I too wonder where in the world they pick it up.

  2. My son does that occasionaly. The only difference is when he gets a fever he somtimes vomits. My theory is that his body is fighting something off and apparently doing it fairly well. Glad she's feeling better.

  3. I just had to comment on this because something strangely similar happened to my 9yo just 2 weeks ago. I was cooking dinner and he suddenly starts telling me that his head hurts. Like yours, he never complains of a headache so I was concerned. Over the next hour or so, it got worse to the point that he was just holding his head and said he needed to lay down. Then he called me in the bedroom 5 minutes later and said "Mommy, my heart is POUNDING!" I felt it... and it was. I asked him if he had any other symptoms and he kept saying no. After a few minutes, he had to run to the bathroom to get sick... it was very sudden, when he had been telling me all along his stomach didn't feel sick. He stayed in there for about 30 minutes, laying on the floor and got sick a couple of more times. Then he told me that he was better, but he just HAD to sleep. Of course, I was thinking "Oh no... he's picked up the flu from somewhere!" I checked on him all night, but he woke the next morning and told me he felt like it never happened! I was definitely perplexed. Later the next day, I was talking to a friend of mine and mentioned that we had been to the Jump Zone earlier the day before and told her all about what happened. She deducted that he must have had a concussion from all the jarring. She said she has heard of it happening. I used to think you had to actually hit your head to get a concussion, but a year or so ago, my youngest slipped on wet concrete, landed on his behind and went through a similar outcome(instant headache, got sick). Took him to the dr. and he said mild concussion. Anyway, is there any way your daughter took a fall or anything that day or anything similar? Or did both our kids have some mysterious illness???

  4. Oh... by the way, he never had a fever either.

  5. Right, no fever. And Melissa that is SO strange! I would have NEVER thought of that! The thing we were thinking, and I was thinking this while reading about your son, was a migraine. My husband and other daughter both get them. Getting sick and needing to sleep go along with the headache too. I can't think of any time she fell or jumped before. So weird.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)