Friday, January 14, 2011

Did You Dream Last Night?

I did! And so I know I got to stage 4--REM--sleep. I read an article last night about caffeine and it was very interesting. A lot of symptoms that S and I have been attributing to his diabetes may actually be from all the coffee he's been drinking. And the article said caffeine can keep you from ever getting to stage 4 sleep and therefore you don't feel rested so what do you do? Reach for more coffee/coke etc. Vicious cycle.

I would have told you I was off of caffeine but then you have to think really hard about those chocolate kisses I've been popping in my mouth, and the iced tea from restaurants and various other little ways we get our caffeine. I read, but don't wish to research this any further, that even "decaffeinated" drinks have almost the same amount of caffeine as regular drinks. I don't want to hear that.

So I think I'll have to stick with water. But then you read about the water and.....

Oh it's overwhelming trying to be healthy!!!

Today I read that cutting your salt intake will drastically help reduce the threat of heart disease and strokes. **Raising hand** Hello! We're the family who needs to do that. There is heart disease on my side of the family and strokes all over S's side of the family.

I can cut canned vegetables just fine. But I cook with canned goods, you know? I mean, we can eat frozen or fresh green beans with no problem. But what about Ro-Tel (my college roommate always said "Roy-Tel") and all the cream of soups? Actually, Kelly posted recipes for cream of soups the other day. I'm going to be in the kitchen a lot. Sigh.

S is helpful. He has a coworker whose family lives in Nigeria or somewhere and his coworker said it takes at least 3 hours to make a meal there. I keep getting reminded of that by Mr. Helpful. I read last week, boy I wish I could remember where, about how the prep time for meals has shortened and shortened over the years. The average clean up time is now 4 minutes. FOUR MINUTES. That cannot mean healthy eating. That has to mean it takes you 4 minutes to stuff all the styrofoam containers in the trash, right?

We're light years away from where we were a year ago on our eating. But we still have a long way to go.

So, how have you been eating healthy lately? Did you dream last night?


  1. do you ever cook for more than one meal like a once a month cooking? Or even prep for other meals.

    An no I rarely ever remember my dreams, do you think that means I dont get to REM sleep??? I probably dont, I am not a good sleeper.

    I just got of diet coke (aspartame) mid December, please leave my tea a lone! :) I need it....

  2. No I never cook for more than one meal unless we happen to have leftovers! I am not that organized yet. Wait! I made bacon for breakfast and saved some for BLTs later in the week!

    You got off of DC????? Good for you!!!! And you can have some caffeine...just not loads. We drink decaf tea at home.

  3. I did dream... something about my college roommate and whatever. I can't explain it now, and even if I could, it would make no sense to anyone including myself. Why is that? That dreams make complete sense while in them, but once you are awake, they are mumbled and senseless? Weird.

    Does it help that I am THINKING about being healthier? :) Like you, we are much better than about 1 1/2 years ago, but we have a ways to go, too. The holidays did us in, all those sweet treats and eating out. Now, it seems we are detoxing from all that.

    About cooking, you know, that's funny. I sometimes have a complaining heart about how long it takes me to cook a meal because I think we are brainwashed into thinking that meal prep should be fast and easy. But, you are right, that doesn't always make for a healthy meal, does it. I'll keep plugging along. :)

  4. I WISH I could clean up my kitchen in 4 minutes. And, blah blah blah I cannot read the rest of your post! ;)

  5. Kathy, you're just mad b/c I said chocolate has caffeine! :)

  6. Yeah, that irked me, too, Brenda! Chocolate has no caffeine, no sugar and NO CALORIES!!! I am now putting my fingers in my ears and humming loudly! :P

  7. I can never remember my dreams either, unless I am scared in them. Then I remember every minute detail.

    We're eating healthier by not eating out much at all, drinking mostly water (or vitamin water zero, flavored with stevia), and cooking a lot at home. Clean up in four minutes?? Really?? I wouldn't want to eat that food. Ew!


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