Friday, July 30, 2010

Fitness Friday: The Something Version

I don't know. I was just sweeping the kitchen and it came to me, OK? Join in if you like!

Something Old
Ha! I guess that would be S and me! My husband was explaining to a friend on the phone the other night why we wouldn't be participating in something that cost a lot of money. He explained how I had surgery last month and we are still paying for that, and how he was diagnosed with diabetes this month and we had to buy the medicine and the meter and all the supplies.....I told him to just say, "Paw Paw and Maw Maw have some health issues so we won't be able to go." :) Oh the 40s are going to be fun.

Something New
Well, this is our dining room table nowadays. See? Two medicines for S and also some low-carb bread I baked for him.

Also, take a look at our kitchen counter! We went to a farmer's market on Saturday with my parents and came home with all our loot. This much produce is definitely something new for this family! (And the oatmeal for breakfast with cinnamon on top, and the baggies b/c I've been packing his lunch every day) I really need to clean off the cabinet!

Something Borrowed
I guess technically these cookbooks were given to us to keep from a sweet lady at church whose late husband had diabetes. But boy I have been borrowing everyone else's ideas and recipes from the Internet! What would I do without it? I would have to try to figure all this out on my own! ACK! I am very thankful for the ability to borrow everyone else's hard work! [Insert picture of cookbooks in your mind here....because Blogger can't. Grrr.]

Something Blue
I have yet to master the smoothie. I have tried a blueberry recipe that is OK for diabetics but both times it wasn't all that great. I'll keep working on it though. I am determined. [Picture of blueberries goes here. See above. Grr.]

Can't wait to see what you've got that's old, new, borrowed, and blue!


  1. The produce looks beautiful and delicious! Your "something old" made me laugh :).

  2. I think it's fitting that I join today given the subject matter because you posted a picture of your wedding dress once and I'll have you know that we were twin brides of the 90's!

  3. Best smoothie ever: Three frozen bananas, One cup of frozen peaches (if you do your own they are SO nice and cheap!) One cup vanilla yogurt, one cup strawberries (frozen or fresh), 1/2C fat free milk, ICE

    Blend all until smooth. SO NICE!!

  4. Your something old was very funny! The 40's are going to be fun indeed, since you (and S.) will be armed with untold of amounts of health, energy and vitality to face them as a result of your healthier lifestyle. That's the mindset I am clinging to as the big 4-0 approaches next year. It's 6 months form now for you if I remember correctly. Maybe we'll throw an e-party!!

    Great looking produce you have there. And the key to a great smoothie is to blend it well enough. It's tempting to turn off the blender too soon, but you have to wait up to 5 minutes sometimes for the right consistency.

    I couldn't think of anything to coincide with this week's topic, but I'm still with you. Hopefully I'll get a post up next week.


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