Monday, August 2, 2010


The kitchen is clean. That's because I maybe whined a bit and S helped me last night before bed. I could not have handled walking into a mess this morning.

The bed is made. I think I'm through with positives.

The laundry in our bathroom floor is very high. We had no clean towels yesterday and I think S wet his hair this morning and dried if off with a hand towel.

There are pieces of clutter from the front door all the way through the living room. No surface remains clear. It's kind of amazing actually. Like someone broke in our house and all they did was scatter crap everywhere.

The bills need to be paid. Today.

I cannot see any speck of the surface of our homeschool table. I cannot get motivated in that area.

There are toys in the hallway.

The playroom is a mess.

Some of the bags of stuff I had sacked up to get rid of busted open and they are lying all over the garage floor.


I am thankful that I am not on my way to work and will face coming home to this mess tonight. I am so thankful that I will be home all day to tend to all this mess.

I am blessed that my children will be in my care today, even if I will be only vaguely aware of what they are doing during some portions of the day (bill paying).

I am blessed by a hard-working husband whom God has blessed with the ability to work and with a job(s) to work at.

So I shall pick up my broom, tie on my apron, and get busy around here.


  1. Amen, amen, and again, amen, sista!

  2. I can't tell you how often I just focus on the next thing to be done and ignore the rest. Back to laundry now :).

    Oh, and just wanted to let you know too that I've started a little challenge called "No Better Time Mondays", which you can check out at my blog when you need a break and if you are interested.

  3. Ha - that's funny! I know people have walked into my house before and thought, oh my goodness, you've been broken into!

    I've even thought it before then immediately look for the t.v. and
    know we haven't been broken into then tell myself we really need to clean up!

  4. I dont have an apron and I am NOT cleaning BUT I am wearing out my printer for school planning! Plan to keep with this for about another hour THEN I will gather the children adn we will get busy on this house! I plan to unload pantry today and clean it out! Plus I gotta get into the storage building to drag out some books I KNOW I have but it is sooo hot! Whaa whaa whaa! I know I hate whiners! :) We are all at the same place! Oh but my laundry is all done it becasue of the massive washing before trip and after! so that is a blessing!

  5. love this post. and agree with it all :)

    oh, and thank you for the response to my last post. i loved everything you guys said.

  6. This sounds like my house.It was clean friday.We have had company for 3 weeks.10 kids almost daily but the fun ends wendsday when they all go home to Germany.I hope you Have a great day Brenda.You always make me smile. LucyT

  7. Oh . . . praying there is some good music playing, some order coming to your home, and a cup of something yummy over bills!

  8. ooooo. I can relate! I was just thinking about this I take steps backwards in every other area whenever I am making progress in one. Everything falls apart while I work on whatever it is I am progressing on. The nice thing is that it usually all comes back together rather quickly and then I'm a little ahead of where I was when I stopped attending to the home maintenance. It's my ferverent goal to get to a place where things are so organized that disaster won't ensue every time I start a new project. Right now it's the home school room....I'm obsessed with it.

  9. ha ha, you always make me feel better by knowing I am not alone in such things. ;^) I feel like I am drowning in cluttery chaos, barely treading sanity... clean, school is behind... plan school, the house is messy...arrgghhh...must...pull...myself...together... ;^) How's that for honesty, lol.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)