Monday, July 26, 2010


The white board in our homeschool room reads:
Time to get things in order around the house so that when school starts you can have PLAY breaks instead of CHORE breaks! Straighten a few areas each day!
I really don't feel like I can sit down and complete any planning or preparations (although I have sort of started) until I have some things in order around the house. I know we've done a LOT to the house this summer, as it should be, but there is more to do. It's not major things anymore like painting or's just little things.

So this morning I made a Word document and a list of little jobs the girls could do this week. I showed them how to highlight a job in their preferred color once it was complete. Then, at the end of the week  I will pay them for however many jobs they did. would be easier to print but we are out of ink. Our family is just so "green" that I didn't want to waste paper.

Some of the jobs include cleaning up the closet floor, straightening book shelves, wiping down the cabinet doors in the kitchen, cleaning up under the china cabinet (we keep the box of play dough there), and cleaning under the bathroom sink. I really think that 20 "little" places getting straightened up will make the impact of totally revamping one room in the house. It's that little clutter that eats at you, you know?

THEN I can begin getting ready for school. Anyone else got little jobs to tackle this week?


  1. I am counting on you being right about little things making a big impact! There is so much to do in unpacking the house still that I am in danger of going all "deer in the headlights". But I decided that as long as I'm doing SOMETHING, then progress will be made by the end of the day, right??

  2. Best laid plans... I planned to school throughout the summer, but it's been one week on, two weeks off. Oh well, we'll do what we can and forget the rest. This is one reason why we home school: flexibility. Right? :)

  3. What about your bathroom? Did you finish it?

  4. Indeed, getting things in order makes my brain function better. ;^) We start schooling next Monday... meals, thanks to ideas from the 30 meal plan, is in order, even lunches, yay. workboxes in order, and filled. Our school schedule re-vamped, and good to go. Finishing touches today, and the rest of the week filled w/ friends, family, & fun.

  5. Umm still working on my list that I want to "Get done" before August 9 which is when we are starting 2/3 of our school easing into history and science the next week. So if I printed out my list I would KILL four trees. Should I be green and not print it?

  6. Giovanna, that is slated for completion in 2012. Maybe. :)
    Carrie, I never thought about starting 2/3! What a great idea!!!!


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