Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Our Shelves for the School Year

This year Sweetheart will be in 5th grade and Little Bit in 1st grade.

We have a few thing from last year we can continue with:

These are the Bible workbooks from last year. They are from Bible Study Guide for All Ages. They cost less than $6 a book. Well, actually, I made them in to books. I blogged about them here. We have several months before I'll need to buy the next set of these. (Cost for this year: free) Not sure why the picture wouldn't turn.

This curriculum is new for this year. I bought it for our Bible classes back when I did that sort of thing. I taught it to Sweetheart's 1st grade Bible class the entire year because I wanted them to have some consistency since it goes chronologically though the Old Testament. I remember enjoying it. It will be a bit different teaching it to one 1st grader as opposed to a Sunday school class, but I think Little Bit will enjoy it very much. The 2nd grade year covers the New Testament. Both can be found here. (Cost for this year: free, borrowed from church)

Little Bit will begin using Level 1 of All About Spelling this year. There is nothing I need to buy for her. Sweetheart will need Level 3, but that's not in the budget until later. I blogged about it here. (Cost for this year: free for Little Bit, $40.00 for Sweetheart)

They didn't finish their handwriting books last year either. It was the second book Sweetheart did last year, so that's OK. These are from Handwriting Without Tears. (Cost for this year: free)

Neither girl finished their math book last year. Again, Sweetheart's Gamma was the second book she worked on last year so that's OK. She only lacks about 5 lessons and then we have our used Delta waiting. Little Bit is half-way through Primer and then will begin the Alpha we already had. (Cost for this year: $40 for used Delta materials)
Little Bit began Explode the Code last year and completed books A, B, and C and started this one. She's mostly through, but we'll pick back up with what she hasn't finished. (Cost for this year: free, for now)

There were a few new things we had to add:
We are beginning Zoology 1 this year. Little Bit will be joining us for science always instead of sometimes like in Kindergarten. Book from here. (Cost for this year: free, borrowed from friend)

Until we get Sweetheart's spelling curriculum, we are going to do this together a few times a week. I think we will do this on Fridays throughout the year. This will be really good for Little Bit, and good practice for Sweetheart. There is a way to adapt the lesson for all levels of spellers. (Cost for this year: free, I already had these.)
We're on Volume III of the Mystery of History. I had to buy this new...but it's non-consumable. I opted to get the CD instead of the book of activities. It was cheaper and I can print only what I want to use. (Cost for this year: $80. Ouch)

There are other things we will be using and learning but these are the bare bones. This is the main part of our curriculum plan. If we did just these and only these I think the girls would get a good education, but Mommy might end up talking to herself in the corner somewhere. I cannot JUST do the curriculum. It bores me. I'm working on a plan right now for how to have time to spice things up. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hey, looks good! Don't you just love it when you already have stuff you can use?

    So, how do you like Mystery of History?

  2. I am not looking forward to cursive handwriting for big girl, personally I don't care for it, I may put it off for another year.
    I love the whole "mommy might end up talking to herself in a corner", that reminds me of our science curriculum.
    B-OR-ING! I have to find something different!

  3. I waited until later in 3rd to start with Sweetheart and it went so fast! I hardly even had to teach it. HWT really is easier than a lot of cursives out there and they sell it at Mardel's.

  4. Brenda, Too bad you don't live near me, we could do a little co-op : ) I use many of the same resources. We absolutely love MOH and AAS. I am using some ETC workbooks with my new little kinder. And have used HWT in the past, although I'm reviewing another program and going give that a shot. I'm hoping to post our 'plans' for the next year sometime this next week : )

  5. Looks like you've got a great year planned! We are also using Apologia this year (for the first time) and I am really excited about it. Happy Schooling!

  6. You have a wonderful plan!

  7. Looks like we are doing the same science. Last year we started MOH vol. I and just loved it!!! This year we are moving onto vol. II with plans to do vol. II next year. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a blessed school year.

  8. Thanks for sharing on the NOT Back-to-School blog hop. I love reading what others are using and gleaning ideas.

  9. Thanks for sharing your costs... it's something I think we all have to consider, but it didn't occur to me to share that on my link to the blog hop.

    My KarateKid is at the same place in MUS - just about to finish Gamma and move into a bought-used copy of Delta!

    Have a great year. :)

  10. We use a lot of the same materials: Math-U-See, All About Spelling...and I used Handwriting without Tears to get my girls all the way through mastering cursive. Have a blessed year...and I hope you can stop by my place, too (#183 on the Not Back to School hop). :^)

  11. I'm also stopping by from the blog hop. It looks like you have a wonderful year ahead!

  12. Thanks so much! I am going to check out those Bible books. I am SO bad about thinking ways to teach the Bible. I have been leaving it up to church and Awana but- not really a good plan... obvi!
    I am doing Explode the Code with Knuckles. We are done with the Primers A, B, & C and will start on Book 1 this year. Seems to be working well! I am a big fan! It's predictable (she likes knowing whats coming next) but get gradually more challenging. Its a good series.
    Check out our BACK TO SCHOOL CHECK-UP! We're doing Organization this week but next week is curriculum.
    Thanks again!
    Tiffany @ HGF

  13. I love Karyn Henley's curriculum and videos!! That reminds me of looking into that for next year!! I'd love to see how you adapt that for one child...


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