Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Sneaky Peeky

Oh I am SO close to finishing!!!! What a load off my mind ya'll. Since summer started, I have gotten our financial paperwork, etc. in order and switched these 2 rooms which REALLY made me deal with a lot of piles and boxes and STUFF that was everywhere. I would have told you I was doing a good job of ignoring it before, but let me tell you something.....

....I feel free now. I mean, I really, actually, enjoy being home. I like our house so much more now.

So here's a sneak peek into our new homeschool room:

This is the math corner. We've got our little TV/DVD combo there with the Math U See DVDs ready to watch. Also, a calendar and clock (had nowhere else to put it) and a number line. And a stuffed rabbit and frog. Moving on....

Directly across from that corner, we have this. The cubes are mine for my teacher's books, etc. And reference materials are in the bottom but who knows if they'll stay there? And Kleenex. We're very sneezy around here.

Back over by the door we have our class pets. (They were in here when it was a playroom and I'm not moving them) I'm thinking the hermit crabs right as you walk in the door may not be the best thing, nasally speaking. Oh, and extra stuffed animals. Hey, it's a girl house, what can I say? See the stacks in the hallway? We took care of those already.

Now, if i had stood with my little hip jutted out like Nester or Pioneer Woman, perhaps that last picture would not have been blurry. Whenever they photograph mirrors they are all cute in the refection. Maybe it's because I don't have little hips? Anyway, from where I'll be sitting at the table, I'll be looking right into these mirrored doors. No thank you--I hung stuff on 'em. This is only showing one door.

So, what do you think? Yeah, it's still kind of messy. I think I'll be through tomorrow though and not a moment too soon as the children's brains appear to be turning into liquid.

I do have one question. Anyone know of a great caddy or something to put in the middle of the homeschool table for scissors, pencils, etc.?

Later I'll show you the art corner. Right now it's a mess.


  1. I saw a caddy somewhere, I think at homeschoolcreations.blogspot where she found a cheap lazy susan kinda thing, and hot glued some magnets on it, then she got some little metal buckets and put them on top of the magnets. I think she found it all at Target. It looked very cute...

  2. Oh - a new set up is always a deliciously fresh start, love it!

    Caddys - my boys each have their own cup that comes out when they start their first workbox and gets put away when they're done the last one. They have their bathroom and snack cards in there, their dry erase markers, pens, pencils, erasers, etc.

    One for the center of the table - you may also want to check something like Jo Anne's in their scrapbook areas - they probably have caddys for tools that may work. Or in the kitchen organizing area of a Target type store?

  3. I love it! I just wrote up a whole post (mainly for you!) about how our school area is working now, but wanted to wait to post it, since tomorrow is baby's 9 months. Anyway, I'll have mine up in true copycat style - maybe tomorrow.

  4. GREAT JOB Brenda,It looks really good.Ilove that color.I have a box full of kittens on my front porch and they smelled tody when I got home so I get the crab thing.
    Thank you so much for the high school help.
    Also you could paint over the mirrors I've seen it done on HGTV.I don't know if it would clean off very well though.

  5. Well done Brenda! I love the keeping it real style, and I LOVE the putting things up on the mirror/door! Brilliant you are!


  6. I love it! It looks great. I am so jealous.
    I recently saw a post for a good table caddy here.

  7. I also love the blue! It's my favorite color! Can't wait to see real school work getting done in there! :0) Great job!


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