Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Wrap Up

When I actually sat down to upload pictures the other day, I realized we'd been pretty busy lately!

The girls participated in our home school group's science fair again this year.

Little Bit, who has a tendency towards shyness, actually gave a presentation! In her memory, she did it "without any help from Mama." We might differ on the details of that, but she did really well.
(taking questions)

Sweetheart got her orange belt in karate! (her 3rd belt)

We went to a free outdoor play and picnic with some friends.

The girls helped daddy (and Grandpa) with the garden.

And we took a miniature (overnight) vacation to a hotel and to see Sam Houston's homes. (Sweetheart was studying Texas history.)
We had a fun month!

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  1. Love the science fair things, and that Little Bit branched out!! Way to go!! Fun month.

    I love field trips too!


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