Friday, April 2, 2010

The Week Before Easter

We've spent this week in Bible time at school learning about the wonderful story of our Lord's death, burial, and resurrection. We kicked it off on Saturday learning about Palm Sunday. I just read it straight out of the Bible and then we did some crafts. Little Bit's Bible class also did some things in church so we hung those up too. The donkey papers have Zechariah 9:9 written on them.

Monday we learned about Passover and read the instructions the Lord gave Moses and Aaron to give to the people. We baked bread without yeast and ate it standing up, with our shoes, belts, and walking sticks. We talked about how we don't celebrate Passover, but how we partake in the Lord's Supper and the significance of it.

We set out some of our bread and some "wine" to remember the lesson. I'm sure these are as hard as brickbats by now.
Tuesday we read the passages about the garden of Gethsemane. Actually, no where could I find the word "garden" when referring to Gethsemane. Maybe some of you know where that is found or where that came from? The Bibles I looked in did talk about it being an olive grove, so that is what we made. Well, kind of.

Then we placed Jesus in the garden to pray.

Wednesday was all about errands but Thursday in school I read the rest of the story out of God's word and showed the kids this movie. It tells the whole story of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection but without scaring the children to death. Honestly, Sweetheart is old enough to see a more realistic movie, but this one is still good for Little Bit. They pointed out a lot of errors though.

We also have our Resurrection Eggs that the kids have played with this year, but we haven't done much else with them. We will do some things with those over the weekend.

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!


  1. The Garden of Gethsemane
    In scripture :
    John 18:1 “When Jesus had spoken these words, he went forth with his disciples over the brook Cedron, where was a garden, into the which he entered, and his disciples.”
    Gethsemane means “Olive press” because it was actually an olive orchard. The grove of olive trees was a tranquil place that Christ came to often to pray.

    The Hebrew word Gethsemani (which means Hebrew gat, press, and semen, oil) is the place in which Jesus Christ suffered the Agony and was taken prisoner by the Jews. Disciple (Saint) Mark calls it chorion, a "a place" or "estate"; Disciple John speaks of it as kepos, a "garden" or "orchard". In the East, a field shaded by numerous fruit trees and surrounded by a wall of loose stone or a quickset hedge forms the el bostan, the garden.

    This place was well known by Jesus’ disciples, as well as the Jewish people of Jerusalem. And Garden sounds better with Gethsemane than orchard does.

  2. Always ask the preacher's wife. :)

    I found it. My NIV and my NKJV are the same color and thickness and I think I grabbed the NIV to read to the girls. It does not say garden. I should have known.
    And you are right.....Orchard of Gethsemane doesn't have the same ring to it! :)

  3. He was ON the mount of Olives IN the garden of Gethsemane. It is in King James I know. and I believe NKJ which is what we generally read from in school although I have been looked more and more at simply KJV.


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