Monday, April 12, 2010


One day last year we were driving to the zoo or the museum or somewhere and right beside us on the highway was a big, shiny, chrome tanker truck.

I pulled up beside it to show the girls, "Look! You can see our car!" And we were all merrily waving at our reflection in the big shiny truck.....

....and missed our exit completely.

You know they JOKE about being distracted by shiny objects, but for some of us, it's true.

In the spring, I always get distracted by the house. The closer it gets to summer, the more I want to concentrate on projects around here and the less interested I am in school work. We have pretty much followed a traditional school schedule since we started homeschooling, mostly because we were used to it and also wanted to have the summer off with our cousins.

This year, I have declared May 28 to be the "last" day of school. We will take off a week or so, and then begin "summer school." Well, I was going to call it summer school, but Sweetheart, who attended school for 3 years, was very upset. "That's for kids who failed!" she said. OK FINE. We'll call it our "summer schedule." I'll let you know what that means when I figure it out. Basically, there will be some school work still going on....but on a much more relaxed schedule.

Mama needs her mornings back.

I wake up so full of ideas and energy for things to do. Currently, I'm really wanting to attack our paperwork--a monumental task to be sure. I need to start something like that early in the morning when I am full of energy and wakefulness. Not after lunch.

So I'm having a really hard time staying motivated. Maybe it's time to sit down and see how many more math lessons there are in the girls' books, how many more history lessons, how many more Botany pages to read.....

I'm ready to wrap this year up is all I'm saying.

And I'll be back later today with our Casually Feminine assignment for the week! Check back in!!!


  1. Ooohh, shiny! lol

    I am ready for school to be done too, but haven't set a date yet. We're getting closer though!

    And I'm not sure you're allowed to copy pics from Shutterstock like that. Maybe you already checked their website and its ok. I just want to make sure you don't get in trouble. :0)

  2. Shiny indeed! Sounds like it's time to forecast the rest of your academic year, and to throw something into the days just for you to finish strong.

  3. Um, the first time I read this post there was a picture of a shiny truck at the I losing my mind??

    :0) You're so clever.


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