Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Going to Be So Rich

I think I am going to incorporate a new system. We haven't been too consistent with paying our kids an allowance. As in, we just pretty much expect them to do the chores and sometimes, when they really want something, we pay them if they go above and beyond the norm. They have to show initiative if they want money. :)

My children's lack of funds does not bother me because they are not in need of anything. But I do have ONE BIG PROBLEM!!!!

My children, Hansel and Gretel, are leaving bread crumb trails throughout the house. It's driving me crazy. I've called them snail trails before and it's gotten bad. Last night there was a certain object lying in the bathroom floor. We don't need to discuss what item of clothing it was, do we? Someone was told to pick it up. This morning....there was the item of clothing in the hall floor outside the bathroom. It was pointed out. THEN, it was found on the bathroom cabinet, where the owner laid it and forgot AGAIN to put it up.

So, in my new plan, I would now be 30 cents richer. Want to know how?

I got this idea from a friend but I'm tweaking it a bit. Each week the girls will get a jar of dimes. How much I'm not sure.....probably just $2-3 at first. Each time a chore goes undone, or an object is left out....they lose a dime. Dad and I get paid. Whatever is left over at the end of the week in their jar...they keep.

I'm thinking they won't lose all that many dimes once we start this. Especially when mom yells "CHA-CHING!" every time I see something laying around.

By the way, I'm reminded of the time my dad instituted the "anyone who leaves dishes in the living room owes me a quarter" until I told him he owed me a quarter for leaving his coffee cup by his chair. So....this plan would mean that S and I need to be good examples. Although, we are the parents and it's our house and I won't have sassy girls pointing out each little thing to us

I'll let you know how it works out!


  1. Interesting-I was thinking of something very similar last night when I was looking at all the clothes surrounding the dirty clothes basket (so close to making it in!) :) I look forward to hearing how it works for you and if any of your other readers have something similar that works.

  2. This sounds like a great plan. I want to try something similar when my boys are old enough to understand it.

  3. Wonderful idea I may have to try that with my kiddos. Keep us updated if it works well!!

  4. Great idea!! I need to do that too...seeing as how Snow White is reminded TOO MANY times to do things. Like one of my teachers used to say "If you can't be told, you have to feel."

    Needless to say I did NOT understand what he meant until I had kids...

  5. This is a great plan; we did something very similar (only with marbles and a treat) when my children were growing up. It worked very well to motivate them, and as you pointed out, us parents had to be good examples and so turn-about was fair play. I think my children enjoyed this aspect of it the most! LOL! :)

  6. I like your idea, Brenda.

    Keep us posted.


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