Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Claim to Fame

Today Boomama posted the video for the new Hanson song, "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'." Oh boy is it ever catchy. You can click on over there and watch it now if you like. I'll wait. Really....it's good.

Maybe it's because I was reading about Hanson on Boomama's blog, but it made me remember a story. If you know Boomama, you might be surprised to find out it does not involve bacon, but rather gravy.

When I was little we had this singing group that was based out of our church. They were all originally from up north, but somehow came to land at our church for quite some time. They had a tour bus that they parked in our church parking lot and I remember getting to ride on the tour bus one time ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN. I think I thought I was in another state, but now I realize I was probably less than an hour from home.

My parents routinely had the members of this singing group over to our house for dinner. Sometimes there was a whole passel of them around our table. Sometimes we just had one or two of them. I suppose part of the reason was that they didn't have much family here, or maybe my parents were just really hospitable back then. At any rate, they were all mostly young folks and by that I mean they were in their early 20's. I don't know....I was 4 or 5 years old so to me they were all just grown ups.

Now, you must know that for my 5th birthday, I got this doll:

(My Joey doll is still at my mom and dad's house but I'm too lazy to walk all the way down there, pose him and take a picture of him and upload it. So thank you to dollinfo.com for all the wonderful information. My sister had the Natalie doll.)

I was so proud of my new doll and wanted to show him to one of the pretty ladies in the singing group, whom we will call D. D was already sitting at the table when I walked up to show her my brand spanking new doll. She took him by the legs and began to exclaim over his wonderfulness, turned him around to show someone else at the table and his legs bent just like they were designed to do and his whole head dove straight into the bowl of gravy.

Oh I remember this scene like it was yesterday. My dad, who had just set the bowl of gravy on the table, was trying to not show how irritated he was that his gravy just got ruined. He jumped up to get the bowl. D was embarrassed and was trying to not laugh. I was standing there trying not to cry. I mean, he was NEW and I really liked D.....but, but....my doll.

D took me to the bathroom and together we washed Joey's hair in the sink. With shampoo. I didn't think you could do such a thing but after a good towel drying, he looked great. I was happy, I'm sure D was relieved, and I really don't know if they went ahead and ate that gravy or not.

By the way, D and her husband went on to have a passel of kids. You can see three of them in that video I mentioned earlier.

Clearly, that makes me famous. Right?


  1. You are CLEARLY famous.


    And, that video is so stinkin' catchy! I would LOVE to dance like that! :)

  2. Honey, Boomama said the same thing and on the Hanson website there is a TUTORIAL! Cracked me up!!!!

  3. What a cute story! And now, I'm gonna go around and tell my friends that I know someone who met the Hanson boys' mama before they were even a twinkle in her eye:)

    And I'm so going to the Hanson website to learn that dance:)


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