Monday, April 26, 2010

We Washed the Car When We Got Home Because I Wan't Ready to Be Inside

That's how nice camping was.

S had to make himself put on "real" clothes to go to a meeting when he got home. We still wanted to be camping.

Spending time together.

Eating outside.

Enjoying God's creation.

It was a great weekend.

And I'm glad I took so many pictures. Because these cute little girls are growing up fast.

And I want to remember what they looked like when they were...


and 10.

And so stinking cute.

You can keep your big vacations.

If I could have more weekends like this, I would be a happy woman.

(But I really do need to turn my attention INSIDE the house now.)

Even though I prefer this kitchen. (The ONLY time I cooked all weekend.)

And this help.

And this food. (Mmm....peach cobbler.)

It's OK. I'll adjust.


  1. I wanna go camping!

    So glad you had a nice time! And your girls? They are beautiful. :)

  2. I missed you while you were gone! It looks like you all had a great time.When we ask our children what they want to do each year for vacation they always want to camp.We haven't actually ever tent camped though.We use a little pop up and there are 7 of us now so its very tight.That is the stuff memories are made of right?


  3. Fun! The only two times we tent camped my girls were babies. That was too much work! Maybe now that they're older, we'll have to try it again...when we get back to the States.

    Looks like a great time! Getting refreshed is what it's all about. You know we'll expect great posts

  4. Oh Lucy T---we would LOVE to have a pop up. We've looked for a used one for years (for the right price and not torn up--hard to find). I don't want a fancy RV--just a pop up so we could go camping even when it's hotter. Or colder.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)