Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Like That...We're On!

Diary of a Room Makeover--April 27

I saw a friend post something about a used loft bed on Facebook the other day. Hmmm....I mentioned it to S and he thought it sounded good. We checked the store where she purchased it and one location still had 2 in stock. So, off we went yesterday to get the one from the store and we will pick up the used one on Friday.

And just like that, the girls will have the long-awaited loft beds. And the Room Makeover is back in full swing!!!

Now I've really got to get with it! I just hung the re-painted mirrors up, even though I'm not finished embellishing them. Here is Little Bit wiggling her loose tooth in her mirror last week. (She finally spit it out in her hand on Friday morning.) Now, of course, the mirrors will have to be moved. Sweetheart's is hung higher, can you see it to the right?

I also found this fabric a few weeks ago. I'm intending it will go on the window, but I have no idea how. There isn't that much of it and I bought what was left on the bolt. Any ideas?

Here is all the flannel I have collected for their rag quilts. I just waited for the fabric store to have flannel on sale and stocked up when I could. My mom had some scraps....I think I still need a few yards, but this is enough to get started with and now I really feel like I need to get with it!!! Regular comfortors will not work on their loft beds but they will have to for the time being.

So....window treatment, quilts, new beds.....not to mention all the plans the girls have for under their lofts....we have a lot to do all of a sudden! I guess that's how it goes when you are working on no budget and doing it all yourself!


  1. The room makeover is back on?? Great! Looking forward to progress reportsand the finished product.

    Love peeking in as you flex your creative muscle, Brenda.

  2. Oh, I LOVE the fabric for the windows!! Do they have blinds or anything? If so, maybe you could make fabric covered wood valances? That wouldn't use up too much fabric. I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

  3. I love the pink butterfly material : )


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