Friday, April 9, 2010

Please Someone, Come Help Me

Can we just have a big 'ol cleaning party at my house today? I really need the help. I promise I'll come help at all of your houses afterwards.


I posted a few weeks ago about our book club reading The House That Cleans Itself and posted gorgeous pictures of my living room. If you didn't see them, feel free to go gaze in wonderment at their beauty.

In REAL life, it doesn't look quite like that right now, but it isn't hard to get back in order since there is a place for everything that belongs in here.

It's the stuff that DOESN'T belong in here that's causing the mess. And that means one thing: we need to declutter. I have a small stack by the coat closet right now of things the girls picked to give away to a garage sale. That pile needs to get bigger fast.

So, the entry way and the living room are the only two areas I have done the HTCI system on and they are really easy to get back in order. Which means I need to get back to this book because I could just scream about certain areas of our house.

I would declare today house cleaning day but first I have to do the checkbook, pay some bills, and finish teaching school. Oh, and go grocery shopping.

See? That's why I just really need all of you to come over and help. I'm sure we'd have it done in no time. I'll serve snacks.

No? OK maybe I'll just pretend you are all here. And in my imagination, none of you are horrified at all.


  1. I wouldn't be horrified at all, and I'll even clean your bathrooms and kitchen. I'm sick like that. :)

    Good luck getting it all done. I have most of the same things to do today as you. :)

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  3. Ohh . . . If we weren't a few states away I'd zip over with my girls, a few buckets of cleaning supplies and help whip your house into shape!

    And no, I wouldn't be horrified. This happens to us too sometimes! :)

  4. absolutely not horrified, and wishing like crazy i was there! (i changed my laundry system - the house, not me - and it does make life so much easier! the kitchen is fully reorganized and the store away clothes system is still coming together. i just feel like i should report in to you!)

  5. Suzanne, I want to hear about your laundry system!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)